Network+ Ch6

  1. The OSI model has seven layers and the DoD model has four.  At which layer does SMTP work in both models?
  2. You need to have secure communications using HTTPS.  What port number is used by default?
  3. You want to implement a mechanism that automates the IP configuration, including IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS information.  Which protocol will you use to accomplish this?
  4. What protocol is used to find the hardware address of a local device?
  5. You need to log in to a Unix server across a network that is not secure.  Which protocol will allow you to remotely administer this server securely?
  6. If you can ping by IP address but not by hostname or FQDN, which port number is related to the server process that is involved?
  7. Which of the following describe the DHCP Discover message? (choose 2)

    • B) A. It uses FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF as a Layer 2 broadcast
    • B. It uses UDP as the Transport Layer protocol
  8. What Layer 4 protocol is used for a Telnet connection, and what is the default port number?
    TCP, 23
  9. Which statements are true regarding ICMP packets? (choose two)

    • B) C. They can provide hosts with information about network problems
    • D. They are encapsulated within IP datagrams
  10. Which of the following services use TCP? (choose three)

    • E. SMTP
    • D. FTP
    • E. HTTP
  11. Which of the following services use UDP? (choose three)

    • F. DHCP
    • C. SNMP
    • F. TFTP
  12. Which of the following TCP/IP protocols are used at the Application layer of the OSI model? (choose three)

    • B) C. Telnet
    • D. FTP
    • E. TFTP
  13. Which of the following protocols is used by email servers to exchange messages with one another?  Choose all that apply.

    B. SMTP
  14. You need to have a connection to run applications that are installed on only your desktop computer at your office.  Which protocol will provide a GUI interface to your work computer?
  15. Which of the following protocols can use TCP and UDP, permits authentication and secure polling of network devices, and allows for automated alerts and reports on network devices?  Choose all that apply.

    C. SNMP
  16. You need to transfer files between two hosts.  Which two protocols can you use?

    • D. SCP
    • E. FTP
  17. What layer of the IP stack is equivalent to the Transport layer of the OSI model?
  18. You need to make sure that the time is consistent across all your network devices.  What protocol do you need to run on your network?
  19. Which of the following allows a server to distinguish among different simultaneous requests from the same host?  Choose all that apply.

    C. They have different port numbers.
  20. Which of the following uses both TCP and UDP? Choose all that apply.

    C. DNS
  21. What might be the problem is a DHCP client suddenly finds itself in a different IP subnet from the one it should be in?
    A rogue DHCP server on the network
  22. Name the protocol that uses both TCP ports 20 and 21.
  23. What two transport layer protocols does a DNS server use?
    TCP and UDP
  24. Which protocol dynamically reports errors to source hosts by using IP directly to build packets?
  25. What could cause a server that you can ping not to provide the particular TCP/IP service, such as FTP, HTTP, and so on, that you expect it to offer?
    The service may not be running or a firewall might be blocking the service.
  26. Which Unix command is used for terminal emulation in the same way Telnet is used?
  27. What protocol is at the heart of the ping and tracert commands in a Windows operating system?
  28. Which destination Transport layer protocol and port number does a TFTP client use to trans files over the network?
    • UDP
    • 69
  29. What well-known port numbers do SMTP, POP3, RDP, and IMAP4 servers use?
    • SMTP:  TCP, port 25
    • POP3:  TCP, port 110
    • RDP:  TCP, port 3389
    • IMAP4, TCP, port 143
  30. What are the application layer protocols? What are their port numbers and what do they do?
    • Telnet: 23, terminal emulation
    • FTP: 20, 21, transfer files
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