dairy quiz 2

  1. Fat corrected Milk
    adjust of milk production to reflect the energy cost of fat production
  2. Forage
    a legume or grass feed
  3. Free stall barn
    housing for cattle where cows can freely enter unoccupied stalls. most common housing barn in the northwest
  4. Freshening
  5. heat
    estrus, period of fertility when the cow is receptive to the male. lats 24 hours in the bovine
  6. heifer, first calf heifer
    young bovine female, young bovine female startin her first lactation having calved for the first time. Age at first calving should be 2 years.
  7. herd summary
    summary statistics for herd production, reproduction, health, and demographic factors.
  8. high/low string
    high/low producing cows are split into feeding groups to optimize ration inputs for milk output
  9. lactation
    the time a cow is producing milk
  10. lactation curve
    a graphic plot of days in milk vs. pounds of milk produced
  11. loafing area
    area of farm, often associated with free stalls and milking barn where animals are free to exercise and move voluntarily
  12. mature equivlant
    a cow reaches maturity at 7 years of age(5th lactation) and thus records can be adjusted for what her production is expected to be at maturity. allows comparison among herd mates of different ages
  13. milk fat test
    the percentage of fat in the milk. to be legal whole milk must contain at least 3.25% fat
  14. milk parlor
    barn where cows are milked.2 prevalent types: herrring bone and parallel parlors
  15. milk replacer
    a substitute for feeding whole milk to calves, generally consists of milk by products and/or plant products and is mixed with water. the higher quality replacers have more milk products
  16. peak milk
    maximum daily milk yeild during lactation. good peak yeild is 100-120lbs and occurs between 60-90 days in milk
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