History of Non-Western Art

  1. One of the first masonry Hindu  temples, the ________________ is
    a simple square building with a tower.

    Sculpted guardians protect its entrance.

    Narrative reliefs adorn the three other sides.
    Vishnu Temple
  2. Image Upload 1
    • Vishnu sleeping on the serpent Ananta - s. facade of Vishnu Temple
    • Deogarh, India
    • Early 6th cen
  3. Image Upload 2
    • Rock- cut rathas
    • Mamallapuram, India
    • Second half of 7th cen
  4. These sculptures from the living rock at Mamallapuram were all carved from a single huge granite outcropping.
    Rock-cut rathas ("chariots")
  5. Image Upload 3
    • Mithuna reliefs, Vishvanatha Temple
    • Khajuraho, India
    • ca 1000
  6. This temple is an example of the southern type of Hindu temple.
    The Rajarajeshvara Temple at Thanjavur
  7. Image Upload 4
    • Shiva as Nataraja, Maltunai Ishvaram Temple
    • Punjai, India
    • Bronze
    • ca 1000
  8. Image Upload 5
    • Death of the Buddha (Parinirvana)
    • Gal Vihara , Sri Lanka
    • Granulite
    • 11th - 12th cen
  9. One of many portable images of the gods used in Hindu worship, this solid-bronze statuette of _____________ depicts the god balancing on one leg atop a dwarf representing ignorance.
    Image Upload 6

    Shiva as Nataraja
  10. The sculptor of this colossal recumbent ____________ emulated the classic Gupta style of a half millennium earlier in the figure’s clinging robe, rounded face, and coiffure.
    • Image Upload 7
    • Death of the Buddha
  11. Image Upload 8

    • Aerial view of Borobudur
    • Java, Indonesia
    • ca. 800
  12. ______________ is a colossal Buddhist monument of unique form. Built on nine terraces with more than 1,500 stupas and 1,500 statues and reliefs, it takes the form of a mountain, which worshipers circumambulate.
    • Image Upload 9
    • Borobudur
  13. Image Upload 10

    • Harihara
    • Cambodia
    • Early 7th cen
    • stone
  14. ___________ is a composite of Shiva (the god’s right side) and Vishnu (on the left). Although stylistically indebted to Gupta sculpture, the Khmer statue is freestanding so that it could be viewed from all sides.
  15. Image Upload 11

    • Vishnu lying on the cosmic ocean - Mebon Temple
    • Angkor,Cambodia
    • 11th cen
    • Bronze
  16. This fragmentary hollow-cast bronze statue was
    originally more than 20 feet long and inlaid with gold, silver, and jewels.
    Vishnu Lying on the Cosmic Ocean
  17. Image Upload 12
    • Aerial view of Angkor Wat
    • Angkor, Cambodia
    • Early 12th cen
  18. ________, built by Suryavarman II to associate the Khmer king with the god Vishnu,has five towers symbolizing the five peaks of Mount Meru, the sacred mountain at the center of the universe.
    • Image Upload 13
    • Angkor Wat
  19. Image Upload 14
    • King Suryavarman II holding court,Angkor Wat
    • Angkor, Cambodia
    • Early 12th cen
    • stone
  20. The reliefs of ________ glorify Vishnu in his various avatars, or incarnations, and Suryavarman II, whom the sculptor depicted holding court and surrounded by his attendants, all of smaller scale than the king.
    Angkor Wat
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