1. Oysters 2 East, 2 West (Size, Taste, Texture)
    • East
    • -Blue Point, Long Island, NY
    • Image Upload 1
    • -Med; balanced, creamy; flat, firm cup
    • -Beausoleil, New Brunswick, PEI Maine
    • Image Upload 2
    • -Medium; Creamy, slight oceanic; deep cut
    • West
    • -Cortes Island, British Columbia
    • Image Upload 3
    • -Med; mildly oceanic, sweet flavor; nicely cupped and smooth
    • -Totten Island, Washington state
    • Image Upload 4
    • -small; very oceanic; deep cup, firm, plump
  2. Mignonette Sauce --4
    • red wine
    • vinegar
    • shallots
    • course black pepper
  3. Cocktail Sauce --6
    • chili sauce
    • horseradish
    • tabasco
    • worcestershire sauce
    • lemon juice
    • lemon zest
  4. Clams half shell --5
    • little neck clams
    • cocktail sauce
    • mignonette sauce
    • lemon
    • crushed ice
  5. Maryland Crab Cocktail
    • 4 oz colossal pasteurized Maryland crab-highest quality
    • radicchio leaf
    • cocktail sauce
    • lemon
    • crushed ice
  6. Oysters Rockefeller
    Created in 1899 at Antoine's, in New Orleans by Jules Alciatore, son of the restaurant's founder. Antoine's was founded in 1840 by Antoine Alciatore, who moved to New Orleans after two frustrating years in New York trying to open a restaurant of his own. The dish was named Oysters Rockefeller after John D. Rockefeller, the richest American at the time, for the intense richness of the sauce. It consists of oysters on the half-shell topped with the sauce and bread crumbs and then baked. Oysters Rockefeller was developed in the face of a shortage of French snails, substituting the locally available oysters for snails. Antoine's has been serving the original recipe dish since 1899.
  7. Jumbo Gulf Shrimp --4
    • U4-Under 4 pieces per pound
    • cocktail sauce
    • lemon
    • crushed ice
  8. Whole Chilled Baby Lobster --4
    • 1# baby lobster, Chilled and cracked
    • lemon
    • drawn butter
    • crushed ice
  9. Classic Steak Tartare --14, 2x2
    • aged sirloin and filet, finely diced
    • capers
    • cornichons
    • egg yolks
    • evoo
    • shallots
    • parsley
    • dijon mustard
    • ketchup
    • tabasco
    • worcestershire sauce
    • salt
    • black pepper
  10. Cornichons
    French for 'gherkin'. They are crisp, tart pickles, made from gherkin cucumbers.
  11. Spicy Tuna Tartare --1+5
    • This will be a play on a spicy tuna roll
    • ahi tuna
    • spicy mayo
    • avacado
    • sticky rice
    • crispy wontons
  12. White Anchovy Tartare --4
    • white anchovies
    • caramelized onions
    • shaved fennel salad
    • brioche toast
  13. Dry Aging
    The process changes beef by two means. Firstly, moisture is evaporated from the muscle. This creates a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which leads to more tender beef.
  14. Steaks --10
    • Dry aged in house recommended served med rare to med
    • 8/12 oz Filet
    • 16 OZ 35 DAY SIRLOIN
    • 28 oz 28 DAY RIB EYE
    • 28 oz 60 DAY DRY AGED RIB EYE
    • 28 oz CAJUN RIBEYE
    • 48 oz 28 DAY PORTERHOUSE STEAK for 2
  15. 8/12 oz Filet --loc
    This expensive boneless cut of beef comes from the small end of the tenderloin. Its extremely tender but lacks flavor.
  16. 16 Ounce Veal Chop --loc/source sex/age
    Veal Chop comes from the same spot as the ribeye on the cow which comes from the rib section between the short loin and the chuck. Veal is the meat of young cattle (calves) as opposed to meat from older cattle though veal can be produced from a calf of either sex and any breed. Most veal comes from male calves of dairy breeds.
  17. 16 oz 35 day Sirloin --loc
    boneless, This cut lies between the very tender short loin and the tougher round
  18. 16 ounce Veal Chop Parmanese --desc/wt
    veal chop pounded thin and breaded with flour, egg and panko. It is then topped with confit heirloom tomatoes and then fontina cheese. It is then baked off till fully cooked and the cheese is melted and topped with arugula
  19. 24 oz 35 day NY Strip
    • bone in, one side
    • rubbed with Love Sauce
  20. 28 oz 28/60 day Ribeye --loc
    This cut lies between the very tender short loin and the tougher round
  21. 28 oz Cajun Ribeye
    Prime Rib prepared and marinated and seasoned with our house made Cajun Spice.
  22. Colorado Rack of Lamb --age/src/wt
    Colorado Lamb is a sheep less than one year old known for it's tender meat. These are two double chops cooked to temperature. They average around 12 ounces per order.
  23. Roasted Chicken mole --wt/src/loc
    Half of a 4 pound Bell and Evans Chicken which are pioneers in the natural food market. This company is four generations and the chickens are raised and processed in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The chickens are raised without antibiotics. We served a half chicken boneless the breast and the thigh no leg. the wing is on but with out the meat it is there for a garnish. they are served on top of mashed potatoes and topped with a roasted garlic jus.
  24. Maine Lobster --1+3
    • One species of lobster found on the Atlantic coast of North America. The American lobster, Homarus americanus, is a species of lobster found on the Atlantic coast of North America, chiefly from Labrador Sea to New Jersey.
    • 2-4#
    • drawn butter
    • lemon
  25. Baked Stuffed Lobster --8
    • lobster
    • shrimp
    • scallops
    • crab meat
    • brioche toast
    • butter
    • lemon juice
    • white wine
  26. Crispy Organic Scottish Salmon --4
    • crushed spring peas
    • saute snow peas
    • pea shoot salad
    • sherry vinaigrette drizzle
  27. Diver Sea Scallop Benedict --6+1
    • sweet potato hash
    • -chorizo sausage
    • -peppers
    • -onion
    • fried quail egg
    • hollandaise
    • Scallops are seared brown, med and placed on top of the hash and each scallop has a fried quail egg on top and then topped with hollandaise.
  28. Pan Seared Tuna --3+(3)
    • crushed fingerling potatoes
    • sauteed asparagus
    • lava bean morel mushroom ragout sauteed in
    • brown butter
    • shallots
    • white wine
  29. Morel mushrooms
    wild mushrooms that are in the truffle family and has a earthy, smoky nutty flavor.
  30. Fontina Cheese
    Fontina cheese is a semi-firm yet creamy Italian cow's milk cheese with about 45% milk fat.
  31. Au Poivre sauce --3
    • brandy
    • veal stock
    • peppercorn
  32. Mother Sauces --5
    • In the late 19th century, and early 20th century, the chef Auguste Escoffier consolidated Carême's list to five mother sauces. They are:
    • -Sauce Béchamel, milk-based sauce, thickened with a white roux.
    • -Sauce Espagnole, a fortified brown veal stock sauce.
    • -Sauce Velouté, white stock-based sauce, thickened with a roux or a liaison, a mixture of egg yolks and cream.
    • -Sauce Hollandaise, an emulsion of egg yolk, butter and lemon or vinegar.
    • -Sauce Tomate, tomato-based
  33. Demi-glace
    A rich brown sauce in French cuisine used by itself or as a base for other sauces. Equal parts of veal stock and espagnole sauce.
  34. Love Sauce
    rendered aged fat
  35. Cajun Marinade
    • olive oil
    • onions
    • 23-28 degree marinade
  36. Cajun Seasoning
    • cayenne
    • paprika
    • salt
    • white pepper
    • black pepper
  37. Roquefort
    • One of the oldest blue cheese in the world made from sheep's milk in the south of France, European law dictates that only those cheeses aged in the natural Combalou caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon may bear the name Roquefort, as it is a recognised geographical indication, or has a protected designation of origin.
    • Legend has it that the cheese was discovered when a youth, eating his lunch of bread and ewes' milk cheese, saw a beautiful girl in the distance. Abandoning his meal in a nearby cave, he ran to meet her. When he returned a few months later, the mold (Penicillium roqueforti) had transformed his plain cheese into Roquefort.
    • Served a-gratin on top of the filet.
  38. Oscar --3
    • crab meat
    • asparagus
    • béarnaise
  39. Hollandaise --2
    • butter
    • egg yolks
  40. Béarnaise --3
    • hollandaise
    • tarragon
    • vinegar
  41. Bordelaise --1+5
    • A classic french sauce named after the Bordeaux region of France, which is famous for its wine.
    • bone marrow
    • butter
    • shallots
    • demi glace
    • red wine
  42. mornay sauce --4
    • béchamel sauce
    • gruyere
    • cheddar
    • parmesan
  43. English Mustard
    Made from ground mustard seeds and water to make a thick paste
  44. french fries
    traditional french fries made fresh in house, fried in vegetable oil with Idaho potatoes
  45. Herb Parmesan Cheese Fries --4
    • Ground parmesan cheese
    • parsley
    • rosemary
    • thyme
  46. Hash Browns --4+1
    • diced baked potatoes
    • chopped onions
    • bell peppers
    • clarified butter
    • sauteed until golden brown
  47. Mashed Potatoes --3
    Steamed Yukon Gold potatoes mixed with cream and butter
  48. Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    with roasted garlic
  49. Lobster Macaroni and Cheese --3+(3)
    • diced lobster
    • elbow pasta
    • mornay sauce (Gruyere, Parm, Cheddar)
  50. Monster Baked Potato
    Idaho 40 count potato
  51. Spinach
    sautéed and steamed
  52. Creamy Spinach --4
    • fresh ground cooked spinach
    • sweet cream
    • shallots
    • herbs
  53. Asparagus
    steamed, sautéed
  54. Onion Rings
    Lightly coated in windra and dusted in super crispy tempura batter, deep fried until crispy and seasoned with salt and pepper.
  55. Haricot Verts
    Steamed and Sautéed
  56. Corn Off the Cob
    Whole corn roasted carved off the cob sautéed with brown butter and shallots
  57. Creamed Corn
    Roasted corn creamed out
  58. Lap Cheong Fried Rice
    Lap Cheong (Cantonese name) is a Chinese sausage. Cheong, which is a dried, hard sausage, made from pork with a high fat content. This made a day in advance so it can absorb the liquid. It has peas, egg, scallion, lap cheong and soy sauce.
  59. Chef Joel Reiss
    • Bachelors Degree in Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island
    • Worked with great chefs like:
    • -David Burke
    • -Terrance Brennan
    • Work
    • -at 16, line cook World Yacht Cruise Line
    • -Executive Chef of The Post House in Manhattan
    • -Park Avenue Cafe
    • -Smith and Wollensky
    • -Maloney and Porcelli Steakhouse
    • -The Odeon
    • -Orsay
    • -Artisinal
    • -Hawaiian Tropic Zone restaurants in New York City and Las Vegas, NV
  60. S Hospitality Group
    • Studio Square S2
    • S Prime
    • Cavo
    • -Chef Rory O’Farrell
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