Mandibular Central Incisor

  1. Mandibular Central Incisors  are the simplest , least variable teeth ? Y or N

    Are the central mandibular incisors smaller or larger than the lateral incisors ?

    Which is more narrow , the M-D relative to the I-C length?

    How many mamelons are usually present on the Mandibular Central Incisors ?

    The Mandibular Central Incisors are smaller than the Lateral Incisors.

    The M-D is narrower

    There are three mamelons.

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  2. Where are the mandibular central incisors located ? and their numbers ?

    Does these teeth have the smallest crown size and narrowest M-D width

    Is the crown symmetrical ?
    The midline , #24 , #25

    Yes, smallest crown size and narrowest M-D width

    • Yes, the crown is symmetrical
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  3. From the labial view of the mandibular central incisor how much in terms of ?/3 is the surface of the crown flat before it begins to convex?

    Where is the height of contour located on the central mandibular incisor ?

    What geometric form does the labial and facial view of the Central mandibular incisor take ?

    At the cervical third

    • Trapezoidal
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  4. Is the mesial side of the central mandibular incisor straight or convex ?

    Is the MI point angular or sharp ?


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  5. Are the Mesial and distal outlines of the Central Mandibular Incisor almost mirror images ? Y or N
    • Y, they are very similiar
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  6. The incial edge is perpendicular to the long axis meeting the root apex ? T or F

    The Central Mandibular incisor makes contact with multiple teeth ? T or F

    The Central Mandibular Incisor has three wear facets ? T or F

    The central mandibular Incisor is the only anterior teeth that opposes one tooth* ? Y or N


    False , it only possesses one


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  7. What are some traits of the Lingual view of the Mandibular central Incisor ?
    •Surface relatively smooth

    •Marginal ridges indistinct

    •Lingual fossa shallow

    •No pits or grooves
  8. Where is the height of contour (HOC) located on the Central Mandibular Incisor ?

    How well defined is the cingulum ?
    cervical third

    It is diminished
  9. On the Central Mandibular Incisor where is the Labial outline fairly straight at incisal _ /3 ? 1,2, or 3

    Where are facial and lingual HOC's of the Central Mandibular Incisor located ?

    cervical third

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  10. From the Mesial view is the Incisal edge perpendicular along the root apex ?

    Which way does the incisal edge slope? Facially or Lingually
    No , it is lingual to the long axis of the tooth*

  11. Where is the HOC located looking from the distal side ?
    Incisal third
  12. From the incisal view of the Central Mandibular Incisor  which is wider , the M-D or the F-L ?

    From the incisal view of the Central Mandibular Incisor what is the shaped outline?

    are the M and D halves symmetrical ?

    Do you see more facial or lingual ?

    Is the Incisal edge perpendicular   
    to F-L bisector*?

    Diamond shaped


    More Facial than Lingual

  13. What does the central mandibular incisor root usually look like ?

    Does it ever present bifurcation?

    Is the root wider F-L or M-D ?
    Normally single and straight, has a Gradual taper to sharp apex


    F-L , but narrower M-D
  14. What are the tooth numbers for the Mandibular Lateral Incisors ?

    Is it very similar in form to mandibular central ?
    Universal #23 and #26

  15. Which DI angle is more severe between the Mandibular Central and Lateral Incisor ?

    Where are mesial and distal HOC's?
    Lateral Mandibular incisor is more angled

    At the incisal third, with D slightly more cervical
  16. Which way is the cingulum offset on the mandibular lateral incisor ?
    It is offset towards the distal marginal ridge

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  17. from the incisal view of the mandibular lateral incisor , which way does the incisal edge curve ?

    How many facets of where does this tooth have ?
    The distal edge is pointed lingually as to help create and arch.The crown appears twisted on the root.

    Two facets of wear.
  18. Which tooth is this slightly wider, thicker. The mandibular central or lateral incisor ?
    Lateral Incisor
  19. How do you tell the difference between the central lateral mandibular incisors ?
    Look at the incisal view and look for the twisted crown (Lateral)

    Central has one wear facet and the laterla has two wear facets.

    Central is very symmetrical and the lateral has a large distal curve
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