nbme form 1

  1. rx for epidural induced hypotension
  2. managment for acute back strain
    • nsaids for 2 days
    • muscle exercise and stay active
  3. rx for asymptomatic endometriosis
  4. a young woman with hypertension
    fibromuscular dysplasia
  5. rx for large bowel obstruction
    • nasogastric intubation
    • if unstable then laparotomy
  6. presentation of cervical incompetence
    cervical dilation and prolapse of membranes into the upper vagina
  7. most common cause of pneumoia in a mm patient
    strep pneumo
  8. jaundice, hypoglycemia and reducing substances in the urine?
    galactosemia and reduced gluconeogenesis
  9. pain in a specific dermatome
  10. htn before 20 weeks, and uterus is larger than it should be
    hydatidiform mole
  11. hypovolemia and no vomiting or diahhea
    diabetes inspidus
  12. what is protective against epithelial tumors of ovary that are cystic
  13. rx for pseudohypoparathyroidism
    calcium and vitaminD
  14. white patches on skin, infantile seizures(spasms)
    tuberous sclerosis
  15. hamburger sign for appenditicits
    no appetitie--80% specific
  16. the culdocentesis diagnoses what two problems
    • ruptures ectopic
    • pid
  17. macular rash with a central clearing?
    lyme disease
  18. metabolic acidosis + high amonium in urine
    oranic acid metabolism disorder
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nbme form 1
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