Drugs to Treat Angina

  1. What are the 3 main groups to treat angina
    Beta Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, Nitrates
  2. What is the drug of choice for Prinzmetal Angina?
    Calcium Channel Blockers
  3. How do Nitrates help with angina?
    • dilate coronary arteries, arterioles, veins (vasodilation)
    • decrease the preload 
    • reduces resisitance and afterload 
    • no help in CO
  4. Treatment of choice for pt having acute angina attack?
    SL nitroglycerin or nitrates
  5. Drug choice of nitrates for chronic recurrent angina?
    topical route, or oral (oral is not nitroglycerin)
  6. How to reduce tolerance build up to Nitrates?
    • use smallest dose possible
    • remove patch 8-10hrs during the night
  7. Most common adverse effect of nitroglycerin?
    Headache, BP/HR drop, *syncope, palpitations
  8. Special accommodations for nitroglycerin storage?
    • glass bottle/ special IV tubing 
    • toss after 3mo 
    • avoid light, heat or humidity exposure
  9. What should the nurse teach the pt about nitroglycerin?
    • repeat SL nitroglycerin 3x with 5 min break in between for relief
    • pt should call EMS if they are taking their 3rd tablet
    • *should feel tingling under tongue
  10. What should the nurse watch for after administering NTG?
    • Headache, reflex tachycardia *
    • do not let NTG get on your skin, wear gloves, will cause HA, wash hands
  11. What is the oral Antianginal agent?
    • Isosorbide (Isordil) 
    • treats and prevents angina orally
  12. Isosorbide MOA
    long acting prototype, only NTG that does NOT treat HTN, SL or orally
  13. Adjunct therapy for angina
    • MONA 
    • Morphine, Oxygen, NTG, Aspirin
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