chapter 1 what is pyschology

  1. what is pyschology
    scientific study of mind and behavior
  2. what does the mind do?
    the mind refers to our private inner experience, the ever flowing stream of consciousness that is made of perceptions, thoughts, memories, and feelings
  3. What does behavior refer to?
    Behavior refers to observable actions of human beings and no-human animals, the things that we do in the world, by ourselves or with others
  4. What technique does fMRI stand for and what does it do
    • functional magnetic resonance imaging-
    • allows scientists to "scan" a brain and see which parts are active when a person reads a word, sees a face, learns a new skill, or remembers a personal experience.
  5. what is hippocampus part of the brain involve?
    is intimately involving memory
  6. what does the amygdala involve?
    it intimately is involved in fear
  7. What is the field of psychology ?
    which is the study of the biological processes especially  in the human body.
  8. when was psychology marked as an official independent field of study?
    In 1879 when Wundt opened the first laboratory ever  to be exclusively  devoted to psychological studies was the birth of it being considered an independent study
  9. What is structuralism?
    It is the analysis of the basic elements that constitute the mind.

    (This approach involved breaking consciousness down into elemental sensations and feelings)
  10. what is introspection?
    it involves the subjective observation of ones own experience
  11. what is functionalism?
    it is the study of the purpose mental processes serve in enrolling people to adapt to their environment.
  12. What is natural selection?
    Its features of an organism that help it survive and reproduce are more likely than other features to be passed on to subsequent generations.
  13. what is hysteria?
    a temporary loss of cognitive or motor functions, usually as a result of emotionally upsetting experiences
  14. Where does the word hysteria come from?
    It comes from the Latin word "Hyster"  which means "womb"
  15. What is unconscious?
    It is the part of the mind that operates outside of conscious awareness but influences conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  16. what is psychoanalytic theory?
    it is an approach that emphasizes the importance of unconscious mental processes in shaping feelings, thoughts and behaviors.
  17. What does psychoanalysis focus on ?
    Psychoanalysis focuses on bringing unconscious material into conscious awareness
  18. Social psychology
    it is the study of the causes and consequences of interpersonal behavior
  19. Cultural psychology
    is the study of how cultures reflect and shape the psychological processes of their members (schweder and sullivan 1993)
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