introductory horticulture

  1. transpiration
    evaporation through the stems and leaves
  2. stomata
    small pores in leaf that allow the plant to breath and give off moisture
  3. guttation
    a system plants use to remove excess moisture from plant leaves
  4. chloroplast
    small green particle containing chlorophyll found in leaves
  5. photosynthesis
    manufacture of food by green plants in which carbon dioxide and water combined in the presence of light and chlorophyll to form sugar and oxygen
  6. respiration
    a breathing process in which animals and plants consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide
  7. chlorophyll
    the green substance that gives many plants their green color and is needed for photosynthesis
  8. cohesion
    a force that causes molecules of substances, such as water, to stick to each other
  9. xylem
    conducting tissue (tubes) in plants that transports water and nutrients from roots to the stems and leaves
  10. xylem tubes
    tubes in plants that conduct water and minerals from the roots upward
  11. adhesion
    a force that causes substances to stick to things other than itself
  12. phloem
    tubes in plant stems that conduct food from leaves through the stem to the roots
  13. sepals
    green leaf like part of the plant that protects the flower bud before it opens
  14. petals
    one type of the leaf on flowers. usually considered the most striking part of the flower
  15. pistils
    the female reproductive part of a flower; contains the female sex cells in the ovary
  16. stamen
    the male reproductive part of the flower containing the male sex cells or pollen
  17. cytoplasm
    the liquid that gives the plant cell its shape and fosters the other cell structures
  18. centrosome
    in center of nucleus.  during mitosis this divides into two identical parts and forms at each end of the cell
  19. mitosis
    simple cell division for growth
  20. meisos
    the reproductive cell division that results in formation of gametes
  21. gamete
    a mature sex cell
  22. genetics
    the study of heredity
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