American History B Final exam review

  1. ho chi minh
    a network of paths used by north vietnam to transport supplies to the vietcong in south vietnam.
  2. vietcong
    south vietnamese communists who, with north vietnamese support, fought against the government of south vietnamese in the vietnam war
  3. Kamikazes
    Involving or engaging in the deliberate crash involving of a bomb filled airplane into a military target.
  4. My Lai
    is a village in northern South Vietnam where more than 200 unarmed civilians, including women and children, were massacred by U.S. troops in May 1968.
  5. Brinkmanship
    The practice of threatening an enemy with massive military retaliation for any agression.
  6. miranda vs arizona
    Ruled that all suspects must be read their rights before questioning.
  7. Escobedo vs illinois
    ruled that an accused person has a right to have a lawyer present during police questioning.
  8. gideon vs wainwright
    required criminal courts to provide free legal counsel to those who could not afford it.
  9. mapp vs ohio
    court rulled that evidence seized illegally could not be used in state court. This is called the exclusionary rule.
  10. Brown vs board of education
    • may 17, 1954
    • supreme court ruled that public schools must be racially integrated.
  11. Attack on Pearl harbor
    • December 7, 1941
    • a japanese dive bomber swooped over pearl harbor, followed by over 180 japanese warplanes launched by six aircraft carriers, bombed the naval bas of pearl harbor.
  12. what was pearl harbor
    a united states naval base on hawaii, became a refueling station for american ships.
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