Week 2 terminology

  1. Confer
    To consult with someone to exchange ideas or to seek information, advice, or instructions
  2. pyrexia
  3. sublingual
    under the tongue
  4. cerumen
    ear wax
  5. otitis media
    infection of the middle ear
  6. neutropenic
    someone who has a low white blood cell count
  7. Pulse deficit
    difference between apical and radial pulse rates
  8. eupnea
    normal respiration
  9. orthopnea
    condition where dyspenic people can often breathe more easily in an upright position
  10. ongoing partial assessment
    assessment that is conducted at regular intervals during care of the pt
  11. myopic
    near sightedness
  12. hyperopic
    far sighted
  13. Dorsum surface of the hand
  14. tympany
  15. resonance
  16. hyperresonance
    very loud
  17. vitiligo
    whitish patchy areas on the skin
  18. ecchymosis
    collection of blood in the subcutaneous tissue
  19. petechiae
    small hemorrhagic spots caused by capillary bleeding
  20. onycholysis
    separation o th enail plate from the nailbed
  21. alopecia
    unusual balding
  22. hirsutism
    escessive amounts of hair on the face and body
  23. milia
    whiteheads found on newborns
  24. lanugo
    fine downy hair found on newborns
  25. senile keratosis
    raised dark areas on older persons skin
  26. senile lentigines
    flat brown age spots on older persons skin
  27. cherry angioma
    small round red spot
  28. periorbital edema
    edema around the eye
  29. fasciculations
    muscle twitch
  30. ptosis
    drooping of the upper lids
  31. entropion
    inward turning of lower lid and lashes
  32. ectropion
    outward turning of the lower lid and lashes
  33. mydriasis
    pupil dialation
  34. miosis
    pupil constriction
  35. lymphadenopathy
    enlarged lymph nodes
  36. pseudostrabismus
    pupils at the inner folds
  37. presbyopia
    near vision
  38. arcus senilis
    white ring around the cornea
  39. presbycusis
    hearing loss
  40. fremitus
  41. adventitious breath sounds
    abnormal breath sounds
  42. stertorous breathing
    noisy, strenuous respirations
  43. stridor
    harsh high-pitched sound heard on inspiration when there is a narrowing of the upper airway (larynx or trach)
  44. rhonchi
    coarse crackles heard in the lungs (bronchioles, bronchi, trachea)
  45. kyphosis
    increase in dorsal spinal curve
  46. precordium
    porton of the body over the heart and lower thorax, ecompassing the arotic, pulmonic, tricuspic, and apical areas and Erb's point
  47. phlebitis
    inflammation of a vein
  48. retraction
    skin depressions
  49. gynecomastia
    temporary enlargement of one or both breasts in pubescent boys
  50. striae
    stretch marks
  51. ascites
    accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity
  52. bruits
    abnormal sounds heard over a blood vessel as blood passes an obstruction
  53. crepitus
    grating sounds on movement
  54. kyphosis
    increased thoracic spinal curve
  55. genu varum
    bow leg
  56. aphasia
    disorder of language ability
  57. expressive aphasia
    individual understands written and spoken words, but cannot write or speak themselvs
  58. receptive aphasia
    individual cannot understand written or spoken words
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