Europe countries

  1. Name two countries located west of the Rhine River.
    France Spain
  2. Name two major countries thatborder the Pyrenees Mountains.
    France Spain
  3. What is the largest European country?
  4. Name 3 countries that share a border with Germany
    France Austria Poland
  5. In which country would you find both the Caucasus Mountains and the Ural Mountains?
  6. The Vistula River runs through which European capital?
    Warsaw Poland
  7. Name 2 countries that contain part of the Alps
    Italy France
  8. Which European country is located west of Spain?
  9. The THames runs through the capital of which country?
    England london
  10. Name 2 of the Baltic States
    Estonia Latvia
  11. Name the major country located directly west of the Adriatic Sea
  12. Name one of hte 2 island nations located west of the North Sea
    United Kingdom Ireland
  13. The northernmost capital in mainland Europe is called
    Reykjavik, Iceland
  14. To reach italy from France, which mountains would you have to cross
  15. If you travel east from Vienna, what is the first capital you would reach?
    Brotaslava Slovakia
  16. If you were travelling directly north from Belgrade to Warsaw, how many countris would you have been in
    4 5 including Romania
  17. Name 2 European capitals located on theDanube River
    Hungary Budapest, Belgrade Serbia
  18. What is the southernmost capital in continental Europe
    Athens Greece
  19. Which major body of water is located directly south of Europe
    Mediterranean Sea
  20. Which European country nearly touches Africa
  21. Name 4 landlocked countries in Europe
    Austria Serbia Hungary Slovakia
  22. Name 2 countries on Russia's western border
    Latvia Belarus
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