Maxillary Central and Lateral Incisors

  1. What are the numbers of the Central and Lateral incisors , Maxillary and Mandibular ?

    Which central incisors are larger , the mandibular or maxillary ?
    • Maxillary -7, 8, 9 , 10
    • Mandibular - 23,24,25,26

    Maxillary are larger
  2. Draw a tooth with the following terms and define them ?
    Cervical line (CEJ)
    Lingual fossa
    Marginal Ridge
    Mamelons - projections on the incisal edge

    Cervical line (CEJ) -line where cementum and enamel meet

    Cingulum - a projection on the lingual side of the tooth

    Lingual Fossa- the depression on the lingual side

    Marginal Ridge - The ridges along the depression running cervical to incisal

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  3. Which CEJ is more severe , the mesial or distal line ?
    The mesial CEJ is much more severe.
  4. What are at least five common traits of the central incisor ?
    • King's crown lingual fossa
    • Marginal ridges are more parallel
    • cingulum present
    • 2 to 3 mamelons
    • triangle from incisal view
    • Largest M-D incisal lenght
  5. Where are the maxillary central incisors located ? 

    Do they touch at there adjacent mesial surfaces ?

    What are they numbered ?

    They have the smallest M-D of all anterior teeth?T or F ?
    They are located at the midline

    Yes , they have adjacent mesial surfaces

    # 8 and 9 

    False , they are the widest M-D
  6. What is the basic crown shape facially of the maxillary central incisor ?

    Is the surface generally flat ? Y or N

    Are there developmental depressions visible? Y or N
    Basic crown shape is trapezoidal



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  7. Is the incisal edge parallel to the long axis ? Y or N ?

    Where is the facial height of contour located incisal , middle , or cervical third ?

    When are mamelons visible ?
    No , it is perpendicular to the long axis.

    Cervical third

    They are usually seen in newly erupted teeth , but can also be seen if teeth are not worn down.

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  8. Which side is more straight on the Maxillary central Incisor , Distal or Mesial ?

    Which angle is the sharpest , the DI or MI ?

    Where is the Mesial Contact located in terms of (HOC) third ?
    The mesial side is more straight while the distal curves outward.

    The MI is much sharper

    Mesial contact area (HOC)  at Incisal third

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  9. Which outline is more convex on the 8 and 9 teeth ? Distal or Mesial ?

    Which angle is more rounded ? the DI or MI?

    Where is the distal contact (HOC) located on the distal side of the 8 and 9 tooth ?


    It is located at the juntion Incisal-middle third.

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  10. What is the anatomical feature that lies immediate to the mesial ridge ?
    Lingual Fossa
  11. Which teeth have cingulum ? 

    Which teeth have the height of
    contour at the cervical third ?
    All Anterior teeth - 12

    All Anterior teeth - 12
  12. From the Mesial view what does the crown of the maxillary central incisor look like ?

    Is the incisal edge along the axis to the apex of the root ? Y or N

    What third is the mesial contact area in ?
    Crown basically triangular 


    • Mesial contact area is at Incisal third
    • Image Upload 6
  13. What is the ratio of the crown at root ?
    2/5 crown and 3/5 root.
  14. Name 4 characteristics that show you have a Central Maxillary Incisor ?
    • Presence of incisal edge, sloping lingually 
    • M-D width broad (8-9 mm)
    • Relatively flat facial surface
    • M and D incisal corners relatively sharp

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  15. How do you tell the difference between the Left and Right Central Maxillary Incisors ?
    •Mesial outline straighter than distal*      (distal has more convexity than mesial)

    •MI angle is sharper than DI*

    •Mesial height of contour more incisal  than distal*

    •CE line curvature is more on the mesial than the distal

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  16. Where is the lateral maxillary incisors located ? 

    What are the Universal numbers associated with those teeth ?

    What is different about the central and lateral maxillary teeth?
    Second tooth from mid-line, Between maxillary central and  maxillary canine

    #7 and #10 

    It tends to be more rounded , smaller in all dimensions except for root.Displays more variation in form*
  17. What is the most special thing about the maxillary lateral incisor ?
    Displays more variation in form* of all incisors ,however the 3rd molar shows more variation.
  18. What is similar about lateral and central maxillary incisor ?
    It generally has smaller dimensions , but the ROOT ASPECT IS THE SAME crown 2/5 root 3/5
  19. Is the mesial outline of the lateral maxillary incisor  more convex than the central maxillary incisor ? Y or N
    • Y, the mesial outline of the lateral is more convex than the central.
    • Image Upload 9
  20. Is the distal or mesial outline more convex on the maxillary lateral incisor ?
    • The Distal Incisal corner is much more convex.
    • Image Upload 10
  21. Which incisor has the greatest rounding ?

    Which has a deeper lingual fossa , lateral or central maxillary incisors ?

    What is the shape of the lateral maxillary incisor  lingual fossa ?

    Which of the two have more prominent marginal ridges ?

    Which has a lingual pit ?
    Maxillary lateral incisors 

    lateral maxillary incisors 

    Pope's hat or triangular

    lateral maxillary incisors have more prominent ridges.

    Lateral maxillary incisor

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  22. Is the facial outline of the maxillary lateral incisor convex ? Y or N

    Is the lateral maxillary incisor's lingual outline U shaped looking from the mesial or distal view ?

    Is the Incisal edge inline with the axis of the tooth ? Y or N

    No, it is S-shaped 

  23. Is the height of contour more cervical or incisal on the Maxillary lateral Incisor ?
    It is more cervical and similar to it's mesial side.

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  24. Does the maxillary lateral incisor have more convexity than the maxillary central incisor? Y or N

    Compare and contrast the MD and FL lengths of this tooth? is it the same or different ?

    Where is the Incisal edge located relative to facio-lingual dimension ?

    MD ≥ FL dimension

    • It is right in the middle 
    • Image Upload 13
  25. How many roots does the lateral maxillary incisor possess ?

    Which way does the root/s face ?
    A single Root 

    the root is deflected distally

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  26. Which tooth has more variations then the maxillary incisor lateral ?

    Can this tooth be congenitally missing ? Y or N

    Do these teeth ever have a peg shaped form ? Y or N
    the 3rd molar 



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  27. How do you tell if you have Maxillary Lateral Incisor ?
    •Smaller in size than max central

    •More distinct lingual anatomy

    •Presence of deeper lingual fossa

    •Presence of lingual pit

    •Incisal outline more rounded

    •M and D outlines more rounded
  28. How do you tell if you have a right or left Maxillary Lateral Incisor ?
    •MI corner sharper than DI corner*

    •Mesial height of contour more incisal than distal’s*

    •Distal outline more convex*

    •Apex deflected distally
  29. Explain the aspects of measurement ?

    Total Length 

    Mesial -Disatl


    Length wise
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  30. What teeth have Lingual Fossa ?
    All anterior
  31. Which incisor is most rounded ?
    Maxillary lateral incsor
  32. Explain the difference between the MD vs FL from the incisal view of the Central and Lateral Incisor ?
    • Central Incisor - MD > FL
    • Lateral incisor - MD > FL
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