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  1. Who painted Ma Jolie?
    Pablo Picasso
  2. When was Ma Jolie painted?
  3. What years was Picasso alive?
  4. Form whom did Picasso receive training?
    His father, Jose Ruiz y Blasco
  5. What was Picasso's father's name?
    Jose Ruiz y Blasco
  6. How did Picasso spend his time?
    Painting Greek Roman sculptures
  7. At what age did Picasso enroll in the Royal Academy of San Fernando?
  8. What school did Picasso attend at the age of 16?
    The Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid
  9. Where is the Royal Academy of San Fernando?
  10. What two periods did Picasso divide his works into?
    Blue and Rose Periods
  11. What years did Picasso's Blue Period take place?
  12. What did the paintings in the Blue Period focus on?
    Human figure
  13. What's an example of Picasso's Blue Period art?
    The Old Guitarist
  14. When was Picasso's Old Guitarist painted?
  15. During what years did Picasso's Rose Period take place?
  16. What did the figures in Picasso's Rose Period represent?
    Acrobats and Harlequins
  17. Where did Picasso travel with Fernando Olivier?
  18. With who did Picasso travel to California?
    Fernando Olivier
  19. What fascinated Picasso?
    Artworks from Africa and the Pacific Islands
  20. Where did Picasso see the artworks of Africa and the Pacific Islands?
    The Ethnographic Museum of the Trocadero in Paris
  21. When did Picasso complete his art Les Demoiselles D'Avignon?
  22. When did Picasso start working with George Braque?
  23. With who did Picasso start working in 1908?
    George Braque
  24. With who did Picasso develop Cubism?
    Georges Braque
  25. What art movement did Picasso develop with Georges Braque?
  26. When did Georges Braque join the French military?
  27. When did Picasso and Braque stop working?
    When Braques joined the military in 1914
  28. When did Picasso start working with Sergei Diaghilev?
  29. With who did Picasso start working in 1916?
    Sergei Diaghilev
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