Vocabulary & Body Landmarks #1

  1. Which of the following can only be found in the pelvic cavity?

    • A) Sigmoid colon
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  2. What is the name of the cavity that is a combination of the cranial and spinal cavities?

    • C) Dorsal cavity
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  3. The abdomen is divided into nine areas. What is the location of the hypogastric area?

    B) Central area just above pubis
  4. What describes lateral movement of extremities away from the midline of the body?

    B) Abduction
  5. When performing CPR, in what position should the victim be places?

    B) Supine
  6. In what ways will an understanding of medical terminology help for a massage therapist?

    D) All of the above
  7. What is the meaning of the prefix supra-?

    A) Above, over
  8. When identifying the location of a body part, what does superior indicate?

    A) Above
  9. What describes prone?

    D) Lying face down
  10. In western medicine anatomical position, which finger is the most lateral position?

    • C) Thumb
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  11. What is the location of the elbow in relationship to the wrist?

    A) Proximal
  12. Which of the following statements is true?

    A) Centripetal massage strokes means strokes towards the heart

    Centrifugal - away from the heart
  13. A client comes in with a bruise on the bottom of his/her foot. How would a MT describe the location of the bruise?

    A) the bruise is located on the plantar aspect of the foot
  14. Which of the following is the most accurate relationship between anatomy and physiology?A) Anatomy is the function parts and physiology is the structure of the body

    A) B) Anatomy describes the body’s structure while physiology describes its function
  15. Which quadrant of the abdomen is the liver located?

    C) Upper right
  16. In which cavity is the psoas muscle located?

    D) Abdominal
  17. Which muscle divides the thoracic and the abdominal cavities?

    D) Diaphragm
  18. In what plane of the body are the brain and spinal cord located?

    • B) Midsagittal
    • Image Upload 5
  19. The sciatic nerve lies between which two landmarks?

    • C) Greater trochanter and ischial tuberosity 
    • Image Upload 6
  20. What does paraplegia mean?

    B) Both legs and possibly the trunk are totally or partially paralyzed
  21. Which of the following describes the coronal plane?

    D) A plane that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions
  22. What plane is it that divides the body into right and left planes

    C) Sagittal
  23. What does the gastro refer to?

    D) Stomach
  24. What is the term of nerves that innervates an area of the body?

    • C) Plexus
    • a network of nerves or vessels in the body.
    • (complex)

    innervates - to supply supply (an organ or other body part) with nerves.
  25. What of the following prefixes means disease?

    D) Patho-
  26. Which of the following prefixes means new?

    C) Neo-

    • Exo- outside
    • Meso- middle or intermediate
    • Ante - before
  27. Which of the following prefixes mens joint?

    D) Arthro

    • glosso - tongue
    • hepa - liver 
    • artho - joint
  28. Which of the following prefixes means false

    A) Pseudo-

    • infra- below
    • hypo - under
  29. What is the meaning of the suffix - poiesis?

    (as in hematopoiesis)
    • C) Formation
    • creation or formation
  30. What is the meaning of the suffix -itis?

    C) Inflammation

    • pain - algia
    • Paralysis - loss of muscle function
    • growth- plasm
  31. What is the meaning of the suffix - algia?

    (as in fibromyalgia)
    • D) Pain
    • (as in fibromyalgia)

    pain - algiaParalysis - loss of muscle functiongrowth- plasm
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