Quarter 4 GI pathology: Liver

  1. small areas of necrosis that develop and are widely scattered on the liver
    Focal necrosis
  2. Bacterial causes of focal necrosis
    • typhoid fever
    • streptococcal
  3. hepatic necrosis that affects only cells of certain lobule
    Zonal necrosis
  4. Zonal necrosis that develops around the central vein caused by viral hepatitis and chronic venous congestion
    Central zonal necrosis
  5. zonal necrosis caused by yellow fever
    mid zonal necrosis
  6. Zonal necrosis caused by eclampsia
    peripheral zonal necrosis
  7. acute yellow atrophy of the liver, necrosis in all cells of most hepatic lobules
    Massive (diffuse) necrosis
  8. main cause of micro-nodular cirrhosis
    Lennec's cirrhosis (nutritional)
  9. Three main causes of Portal Cirrhosis
    • Lennec's cirrhosis
    • Post-hepatic cirrhosis
    • Post-necrotic cirrhosis
  10. two main causes of biliary cirrhosis
    • primary or intra-hepatic biliary cirrhosis
    • Secondary or extra-hepatic biliary cirrhosis
  11. Budd-Chiari syncrome
    Hepatic vein thrombosis (obstruction)
  12. Causes of impaired intrahepatic blood flow
    • Cirrhosis
    • Sinusoid occlusion
    • Systemic circulatory compromise
  13. what percent of hepatoma are linked to HBV
  14. what types of hepatitis can cause hepatocellular carcinoma
    B and C
  15. expain the common channel theory of pancreatitis
    gall stone blocks ampulla of Vater caused bile infection in pancreatic duct with activates trypsinogen to trypsin which digest the pancreas
  16. Obstruction of pancreatic ducts theory
    squamous metaplasia blocks ducts
  17. what are two associated diseases of chronic pancreatitis
    • deabetes mellitus
    • steotorrhea
  18. commonest site of pancreatic carcinoma
    The head
  19. metastasis of pancreatic carcinoma
    • liver
    • lungs
  20. type of beta cell tumor
  21. pancreatic tumor that causes zollinger-ellison syndrome (increased production of gastric acid)
    Alfa cell adenoma
  22. associated symptoms of alfa cell adenoma
    • recurrent peptic ulcer distal to first part of duodenum and jejunum
    • long standing diarrhea
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