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  1. hyoid bone
    bone inferior to jaw anterior to spine
  2. vertebral body
    round part projecting anteriorly
  3. vertebral arch (neural arch)
    boney part of vertabrae projecting anteriorl
  4. vertebral foramen
    """hole down the middle"""
  5. vertebral canal
    tube produced by connecting vertabrae where vertebral foramen line up
  6. synovial joint
    type of joint in spine at articulate process
  7. symphyses
    fibrous joints formed by vertebral bodies
  8. intervertebral fibrocartilaginous discs
    join bodies of vertabrae together - shrink as we age
  9. what holds together dsks?
    powerful longitudinal ligaments
  10. pedicle
    foot like process that bridges vertebral body and vertebral arch
  11. transverse process process
    "bilateral boney ""plates"" use to connect bone or muscle"
  12. lamina
    flatened plate between leading to spinous process
  13. spinous process
    posterior projection
  14. ligaments that attach to spinous process:
    suprspinous and interspinous
  15. articular process
    joints on spine 2 superior and two inferior
  16. vertebral notches
    superior faces up inferior faces donw. Notches in properly aligned colum
  17. atlas
    1st cervical vertabrae articlate with skull
  18. Axis
    2nd cervical vertabrae. The 1st vertabrae pivots on this.
  19. vertebra prominens
    c7 - first palpable vertabrae
  20. thoracic vertabrae
    12 - form joints with ribs
  21. sacral
    5 vertabrae fused together to form sacrum
  22. sacroiliac joints
    sacrum articulates with two coxal bones to form pelvis here
  23. coccygeal
    "tailbone - fused
  24. primary curvature
    "name for entire
  25. secondary curvature
    name for curve in cervical region as infants use neck muscles to support head and in lumbar region as child begins to wlk
  26. foramen transversarium
    only on cervical -verticle holes in transverse process for blood vessels
  27. demifacets
    on body of thoracic spine for attachment of ribs
  28. heart shaped vertebral body is where?
    shape of thoracic vertebral body
  29. kidney been shaped body is where?
    shape of lumbar vertebral body
  30. which spines are blunt?
    shape of lumbar spines
  31. nucleus pulposus
    center of intervertebral disks = mucopolysacharides
  32. annulus fibrosus
    outer rim of intervertebral discs = fibrocartilage
  33. rupture of disc?
    nucleus pulposus pass outward posterolaterally or posterially and puts pressure on anerve
  34. vertebral artery
    runs through foramen transversarium on cervical region
  35. facets in horizontal plane where?
    cervical region facet planes
  36. facets in coronal plane where?
    thoracic region facet planes
  37. facets in coronal plane where?
    lumbar region facet plans
  38. ventral sacral foramen
    holes in sacrum
  39. dorsal sacral foramen
    holes in sacrum
  40. sacral hiatus
    upside down u shape on dorsal side of sacrum
  41. sacral cornua
    points on end of sacrum
  42. anterior longitudinal ligament
    runs anterior of vertebral bodies
  43. posterior longitudinal ligament
    runs posterior along vertebral bodies
  44. anterior and posterior tubercle
    notches on atlas
  45. ligmentum flavum
    tendon from lamina to lamina
  46. supraspinous ligament
    posterior to spinous process
  47. inerspinous ligament
    between spinous process
  48. dens
    to of axis
  49. transverse ligament
    holds dens in place
  50. tectorial membrane
    name for top of posterior longitudinal ligament
  51. ligamente nuche
    name of top of suprspinous ligament
  52. cranial nerve 11
    intervates trapezious
  53. serratus posterior superior and inferior
    pull ribs up and down (superior is deep from rhomboid muschle make a diamond - spine to rib - accesory resperatory muscles
  54. muscles that run longitudinally along spinus process?
    erector spinae: ILS starting laateral moving medial - iiocostalis longissimus spinalis
  55. thorocolumbar fascia
    around erector spinae ILS muscle
  56. transverospinalis
    3rd layer of muscles that span anywhere from 1 to 7 vertebrae
  57. semispinalis
    cross 5-7 IV joints - not in lumbar
  58. multifidus
    cros3-5 IV joints
  59. rotatores
    cross 1 or 2 IV joints
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