Chemistry Chapter 1

  1. Matter
    Has mass and occupies space
  2. Chemistry
    Study of the composition of matter and the changes that matter undergoes
  3. Organic Chemistry
    all chemicals containing carbon
  4. inorganic chemistry
    does not contain carbon
  5. biochemistry
    process that take place in living orginisms
  6. analytical chemistry
    the study of the composition of matter
  7. physical chemistry
    the mechanism,rate, and energy transfer that occurs when matter undergoes a change.
  8. pure chemistry
    pursuit of chemical knowledge for its own sake
  9. Applied chemistry
    research direct with a practical goal or application attached
  10. technology
    society provides its members with those things needed and desired
  11. scientific method
    a logical,systematic approach to the solution of a scientific problem
  12. observation
    use senses to obtain information
  13. hypothesis
    proposed explanation for an observation
  14. experiment
    a procedure used to test hypothesis
  15. independent variable
    • variable physically change during experiment
    • manipulated variable
  16. dependent variable
    • observed during the experiment
    • responding variable
  17. theory
    a well-tested explanation for a broad set of observations
  18. scientific law
    a concise statement that summarizes many observations and experiments
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