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  1. Pathogens
    Disease causing microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites
  2. Immunology
    The study of the body's defense against infection
  3. Vaccination
    The inoculation of healthy individuals with weakened or attenuated strains of disease causing agents to provide protection from disease. 

    The deliberate induction of adaptive immunity to a pathogen by injecting a dead or attenuated (non pathogenic) live form of the pathogen or its antigen (a vaccine)
  4. Antibodies
    A protein that binds specifically to a particular substance- called its antigen. Each antibody molecule has a unique structure that enables it to bind specifically to it corresponding antigen, but all antibodies have the same structure and are known collectively as immunoglobulins. antibodies are produced by differentiated B cells (plasma cells) in response to infection or immunization, and bind to and neutralize pathogens or prepare them for uptake and destruction by phagocytes.
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