Cleft lip and palate

  1. What percentage of children with clefts have both cleft lip and palate?
    • 50% cleft lip and palate
    • 30% palate only
    • 20% lip only
  2. A cleft on which side is more common?  Which side is more often associated with syndromes?
    • Left is more common (about twice as common)
    • Right is more often associated with syndromes
    • 10% bilateral
  3. What is the primary and secondary palate?
    • Primary: Lip and premaxilla
    • Secondary: begins at the incisive foramen and extends posteriorly
  4. The lip and alveolus are formed by the fusion of these three processes
    • Frontonasal
    • Paired lateral maxillary
  5. In cleft palate, these two muscles are abnormally oriented compromising function of the soft palate and eustachian tube
    • levator palatini normally forms a sling to elevate the soft palate
    • tensor palatini opens eustachian tube
  6. A complete cleft lip extends through what structure?
    nasal sill
  7. What is an incomplete cleft palate?
    Cleft of the secondary palate only (posterior to the incisive foramen)
  8. What is Pierre Robin sequence?
    • Cleft (characteristically of the secondary palate)
    • Micrognathia
    • Retrodisplacement of the tongue
  9. In a child with cleft lip and palate, when do you perform the first surgery?  Second stage?
    • Lip repair, tip rhino, closure of nasal floor when child is 10 weeks, weights 10 lbs, and has a Hg of 10
    • Palate repair at about 1 year
    • 5 years: columellar lengthening
    • 8-16 years: orthodonic
    • 10 years: alveolar cancellous bone grafts
    • 14 years: definitive rhinoplasty
  10. What speech sounds to CL and CP kids have difficulty with?
    Affricate or affricative: sound requiring occlusion, plosion or stop (consonant made by closing off oral cavity and then releasing with burst of air), and frication, as either the ch or j sounds.

    Fricative: sound produced by forcing air through constricted passage such as f, s, z, or th
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