Testmaker's Favorite Vocabulary

  1. Anamoly
    deviation from the norm/oddity

    syn: incongruity. inconsistency, abnormality, exception, deviation, eccentricity, unorthodoxy, aberration
  2. assuage
    to make milder/less sever; to appease

    syn: allay, alleviate, appease, calm, conciliate, ease, lighten, lull, mitigate, mollify, pacify, palliate, placate, quench, sate, satisfy, sweeten, temper, tranquilize
  3. enigma
    a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence, situation, person, or saying; a puzzle

    syn: bewilderment, conundrum, crux, cryptogram, parable, puzzle, riddle, stickler
  4. equivocal
    allowing the possibility of several different meanings especially to deceive; of doubtful nature or significance

    syn: borderline, disreputable, dubious, evasive, indeterminate, oblique, obscure, problematic, questionable, unclear, unexplicit, vague
  5. erudite
    characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly

    syn: bright, brilliant, intellectual, sapient, smart, intelligent
  6. fervid
    heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm, etc.
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Testmaker's Favorite Vocabulary
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