1. Types of aid
    • emergency aid
    • bilateral aid
    • multilateral aid
  2. Emergency aid
    • aims to help people stay alive during an emergency
    • sends food, medicines, clothing, temporary shelters and personnel to areas affected by disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions
  3. Bilateral aid is:
    • aid given by one government to another
    • often given to develop infrastructure like roads, bridges, schools and wells
  4. Multilateral aid is:
    • aid given to multilateral organisations like the United Nations or World Bank
    • for example, Aus works with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to promote growth and stability in the Asia-Paacific; Aus also supports the UN's World Food Programme
  5. Aid is used for:
    • Research, the Aus Government, through AusAID, supports the work of the Burnet Institute, a leading medical researsh and public health institute in Aus. The institute has health professionals helping development in countries accross Asia, the Pacific and Africa
    • Infrastructure, support of projects such as roads, bridges, hospitals, airports and power stations. This underpins the processes of development, and helps disadvantaged people to access services. Aus spends on infrastructure through bilateral programs with developing countries, e.g. roads in Papua New Guinea, and theĀ  Three Delta Towns water supply and sanitation joint venture with Vietnam
    • Investing in People, the Youth Employment Promotion Program, which works on minor infrastructure projects, is jointly funded by AusAID and the East Timor Government, and is managed by the United Nations International Labour Organisation
  6. The United Nations Security Council:
    • has primary responsibility fro the maintenance of international peace and security
    • helps countries torn by conflict by resolving conflicts peacefully through negotiation and mediation
    • builds sustainable governance, monitors human rights and disarmament
    • aims to eliminate landmines to protect people from disability and enable land to be used
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