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  1. what nerves are affected by ms?
    • UMN
    • LMN
    • UMN and LMN
  2. when do you transfuse prbc?
    • in adults htc<30
    • in young htc<20
  3. infections in the axilla and groin occur in which glands?
    apocrine glands
  4. patient over 50 with some type of bleeding from rectumal
    do colonoscopy
  5. most common complications post gastrectomy
    high lipids
  6. earliest sign of fluid loss
    increased heart rate and increased peripheral resistance
  7. cystocele vs enterocele
    • cystocele will have urine leakage or incomplete bladder emptying
    • enterocele bulges up high in the vagina vault
  8. symptoms of perilymphatic fistula
    • tinnitus
    • vertigo
    • hearing loss
  9. what drug causes lymphadenopathy
  10. spinal cord injury can cause what kind of incontinence
    • urge
    • overflow
    • flaccid bladder
  11. repeat transient loss of vision, next step
    carotid duplex
  12. ataxic gait after a cold
    acute cerebelar ataxia
  13. homemade alcohol can make what 2 poisons?
    • methanol
    • lead
  14. what 2 conditions can give poor atlanto-axial stability
    • down
    • ra
  15. how many doses of steroids do you give to mature lungs?
  16. 1 cause of fundus being larger for gestation?
  17. acute onset of right sided abdominal pain in a female with ovarian cysts
  18. ulcerated lesion on the labia majora
  19. leep can have what complicatons
    cervical incompetence
  20. rx for a follicular neoplasm
  21. Bicorneate uterus predisposes to what?
    preterm labor and delivery
  22. rx for hydatidiform mole
    d and c
  23. rx for preterm ecclampsia and precclampsia
    • steroids
    • magnesium sulfateĀ 
    • and then deliver
  24. seizure and hypopigmentation
    tuberous sclerosis
  25. flapping hands when talking?
  26. stanford typa aortic dissection?> rx?
    ascending--rx is beta blockade via labetalol
  27. rx for acute copd exacerbation with normal wbc and normal chest xray
    • bronchodilators
    • steroids
  28. chalazion vs hordoleum
    chalazion--sterile granulomatous lesion of the eye lida
  29. a palpable step off
    spondyolisthesis--slip of L5 over S1
  30. rx for chronic hep b ?
    rx for chronic hep b with fulminant hepatic failure?
    • lamuvidine
    • transplant
  31. fulminant hepatic failure?
    encephalopathy within 8 weeks of acute hepatitis B infection
  32. next step in managment of prositis
    urine culture
  33. what causes elevation of bun?
    • bleeding
    • dehydration
  34. sertonin syndrome is characterized by?
    increased BP
  35. time frame for adjustement disorder vs depression
    adjustement--within 3 months of stressor and ends by 6 months
  36. rx for social phobia
    assertive training + ssri
  37. when do you give Hepatitis vaccine and IViG?
    if the immunity status is not known
  38. 3 neurocutaneous sydnromes
    • nf--seiures
    • sturge weber---seizures,port wine stain
    • tuberuous sclerosis---sezireus
  39. tenderness to percusion of vertebrae, fever, high esr
  40. complication of nrds?
    bronchopulmonary dysplasia and heart failure
  41. bowed knees
    tibia vara
  42. when is hyperbilirubinemia pathological?
    • appears on the first day
    • rises above 20
  43. increased IgE levels are associated with what kind of asthma?
    allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
  44. a kid gets a rash after mmr?
    replication of a virus
  45. neuro sympstoms, anemia, thrombocytopenia, anemia, dx?
  46. rx for a febrile seizures
    • same as for all
    • diazepam and then lower the temperature
  47. next best step when suspecting a short syndrome
    bone age
  48. arthritis + antinuclear antibody test +
    bartonella Hensleae
  49. complication of varicocele?
  50. how do you treat high bilirubin?
    • phototherapy <20
    • >20 exchange transfusion
  51. next step in management after comsuming a caustic substance
    • airway
    • then scope
  52. rx for a milk protein allergy?
    hydrolyze it
  53. rx for a capillary hemangioma
  54. what causes hallucinations in a parkinsons patient
    the dopamine
  55. psychiatric symptoms + abdominal pain
    acute intermittent porphyria
  56. in a patient with opiod addiction, what do you give for pain
    opiods still
  57. repetitive words, repetetive movements, no eye contact, swinging of hands
  58. what drugs can cause leukopenia
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