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  1. amblyopia
    loss of vision in one or 2 eyes
  2. continued ear discharge and granulation tissue on the tympanic membrane
  3. rx for zenkers
  4. dysphagia + a mass that bulges on swallowing?
  5. 2 reasons for heterophile antibodies being negative
    • mono is caused by cmv
    • early in the disease the antibodies are negative
  6. most common cause for a ventricular arrhythmia
  7. full conductio block occurs with what type of mi?
    reentry occurs with what type of mi?
    • inferior wall---conduction
    • reentry----anterolateral
  8. the sa and av node blood supply comes from?
    right coronary artery--thats why you get a full conduction block and bradycardia
  9. clue to hereditary spherocytosis
    high mchs--above 34
  10. rx for symptomatic hepatic adenomas?
    • resection
    • discontinuation of ocp
  11. rx for gonococcal, chlamydial and herpetic conjunctivitis
    • systemic therapy
    • ceftriaxone for gonoccocal
    • erythromycin for chlamydial
    • acyclovir for herpetic
  12. best initial test for an symptomatic infant with high ICP
  13. pruritic , erythamatous papules after working with sand
    cutaneous larva migrans due to ancylostoma braziliens
  14. next step in diagnosis of metabolic acidosis
    anion gap
  15. how does the following tick borne diseases present?
    • ehrlisosis--spotless rmsf. Leukopenia, low platelets
    • babeseosis- anemia
  16. what increases precision
    • increasing sample size
    • meaning--confidence interval of 6.0-7.6 has a high sample population than one with confidence interval of 6.0-9.0
  17. needle shaped crystals
    coffin shaped crystals
    envelope shaped crystals
    • needle shaped---uric acid
    • coffin shaped--- struvite stones
    • envelope--oxalate---ethylene glycol ingestion
  18. when is oral isotretinoin used
    • nodulystic form of acne
    • acne causing scars
  19. most common causes for contact dermatitis
    • poison ivy
    • nickel in metals
  20. management of a person with a likely PE?
    give anticoagulation if no contraindications to heparin and then do CT with contrast
  21. nasal polyps develop in adults commonly when ingestion of what occurs?
    ingestion of aspirin or nsaids
  22. pyogenic granulomas occur most commonly secondary to what?
  23. what is the non toxic level of oxygen should be kept at  ARDS?
    less than 50%
  24. what gram negative bacilli produces mucoid colonies?
  25. features of an innocent murmur?
    • systolic
    • grade 2
    • normal s2
    • ¬†changes with position
  26. what lab test indicates the function of the liver?
    what test indicates the integrity of hepatocytes?
    • prothrombin
    • bilirubin
    • cholesterol

    ast, alt, alp
  27. a patient with chronic hepatitis, their pt goes up and their lft go down, interpretation
    fulminant heptitis
  28. what lung condition doesnt get clubbin?
  29. retinal hamartoma occurs in what disease
    tuberus sclerosus
  30. next step for a fetus with congenital abnormality thats incompatible with life?
    allow for vaginal delivery
  31. a woman in her 30's gets periods but is infertile, what is the reason
    low ovarian reserve
  32. rx for a patient on ssri in whom there is no response?
    swtich to another ssri in the same class. if that doesnt work, try a different class
  33. 6 month old child with bilious vomiting, and blood in stool, dx?
    midgut volvulus
  34. what poisoning presents with hypersalivation and normal everything else
    caustic ingestion
  35. what causes heat stroke vs heat exhaustion?
    • heat stroke---failure of thermoregulation
    • heat exhaustion--inadequate fluid and salt replacement
  36. cause of dilute serum and dilute urine?
    primary polydypsia
  37. how does vasovagal syncope present
    with lightheadedness and diaphoresis
  38. vasovagal syncope is also called what>?
  39. a patient is unstable and becomes stable with fluids and ultrasound shows fluid in abdomen, next step
  40. when does odds ratio equal relative risk?
    if the disease being studied in a case control study is rarewh
  41. what is the normal respiratory quotient?
    what does a respiratory quotient of 1.05 mean?
    • 0.8 bc all energy sources are being used
    • that too much carbs are being consumed and it will be hard to wean of ventilator
  42. which part of the adrenal is responsible for cushings?
  43. rx for acute dementia in elderly?
    antipsychotics except in lewy body dementia
  44. when do you do colonoscopy in uc?
    8 years after diagnosis and then every year
  45. acute management of pulmmonary edema?

  46. what 2 conditions have decreased c4?
    • hepatitis
    • hereditary angioedema
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