E.S Final Review Anderson

  1. Biome
    Are areas that have distinctive climates and organisms
  2. Drought-resistance
    Plants can live through the worst desert conditions
  3. Estuary
    An ecosystem in which fresh water from rivers mixes with salt water from the ocean
  4. Permafrost
    Frozen soil at or below the freezing point of water
  5. Wetlands
    Area of land coverd by water for at least part of the year
  6. Groundwater
    Water that seeps down from the soil and it's stored underground
  7. Point Pollution
    Pollution discharged from a single source, such as from a factory or wastewater treatment plant
  8. Non-point pollution
    Pollution that comes from many sources rather then a single specific site. Such as pollution that reaches a body of water from streets and sewers
  9. Thermal pollution
    addition of execessivie amounts of heat to a body of water such as in run off from industral cooling systems
  10. Watershed
    entire areaof land drains into a river
  11. Acid precipition
    Highley acidic rain, sleet, or snow that results from the release of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen into the air from burning fossil fules
  12. Acid Shock!!
    Sudden influx of acid water caused by melting acidic snow that rush into lakes and streams. Large abount of fish and amphibions and affecting the offspring of others
  13. Sick-building syndrome

    (Ashley hates this)
    is a combination of ailments
  14. Smog
    Air pollution over urban areas that reduce visibilty combination of the word "smoke" and "fog"
  15. Radon
    It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas
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