qbank 44

  1. tinnitus and metallic taste after anesthesia because?
    anesthesia was injected intravascularly
  2. rx for hydatifiform mole?
    suction and curettagge
  3. painless bleeding in first trimester
    third trimester?
    subchorionic hematoma

    placenta previa
  4. prophylaxis for recurrent uti
    tmp smx
  5. post coital bleeding during pregnancy
    cervical trauma unless theres placenta previa
  6. when do you do cholecystectomy
    • within 72 hours
    • if theyre too sick...drain the gall bladder
  7. next step with lichen sclerosus
    bunch biopsy
  8. triple or quadruple screens are done for what  purposes
    cvs and amniocentesis is done for what purpose?

    to definitely diagnose
  9. what is the biggest risk factor for limb defects with cvs
    early gestational age
  10. next step when suspecting toxic megacolon
  11. rx for toxic megacolon
    • conservative
    • if that fails
    • colectomy
  12. von gierkes vs cori
    • von gierkie--high lactace and uric acid
    • cori--normal lactate and uric acid
  13. when do you give cows milk to infants
    after 1 year of age
  14. what is the posterior vermis syndrome
    truncal ataxia
  15. indications for oxygen in cpod
    • pao2<55
    • hematocrit >55
    • cor pulmonale
    • sa02<88
  16. if an antibitiotic is not covering the organism in question, next step
    discontinue it
  17. diabetic neuropathy affects umn or LMN?
  18. how do you distinguish transient tachypnea of the newborn from hyaline membrane disease of the newbonr
    hyaline membrane disease has fine reticular granularity on the xray
  19. rx for invasive mole?
    liver or brain mets?
    • mtx
    • radiation
  20. when presented with lichen sclerosus, next step
    punch biopsy
  21. rx for a large cystocele?
    anterior colprarhy
  22. what developmental abnormality has no connection to a controlled HbA1c?
  23. endometrial hyperplasia without atopy is managed how?
    with progestins to regulate the high estrogen state
  24. rx for pelvic floor weakness?
    pessaries for poor surgical candidates
  25. CIN II involving the ectocervix only?
    • LEEP
    • Two hat LEEP or cold knife
  26. what is the IUD that is given when a patient smokes
    Mirena IUD
  27. ways for elective abortion in 1st and 2nd trimester
    • 1st 7 weeks--ru 486 and MTX
    • 1st trimester--suction curettage
    • 2nd--induction of labor or dilation and suction evac
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