Chemistry Lesson 1

  1. Why do concentrations of products and reactants no longer change at equilibrium?
    Because the RATES of the forward and reverse reactions are equal
  2. What state is equilibrium?
  3. Why is equilibrium and dynamic state?
    Because reactions continue to occur, but at the same rate so that no change is observed at the macroscopic level
  4. What does K equal
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    • this is products/reactants
  5. A small value for K yields what, and favors what?
    Yields little product, and favors the reactants
  6. A large value for K reaches equilibrium with very little what, and favors what?
    very little reactant remaining, and favors the products
  7. What does K reflect?
    A particular ratio of product concentrations to reactant concentrations for a reaction
  8. K indicates what?
    The extent of a reaction
  9. At equilibrium, what = what
  10. Q gives the ratio of a product concentration to reactant concentration at
    ANY POINT in a reaction.
  11. Difference between K and Q
    K is the ratio of product and reactants at equilibrium, Q is at any point in the reaction
  12. Reactions go back and forth when...
    Energies are similar
  13. Overall concentrations ________ at equilibrium
    Don't change
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