week 2

  1. head of humerus
    • articulates with the scapula at the glenoid cavity
    • shallow groove distal to head
  2. anatomical neck
    • constriction inferior to the head of the humerus
    • marks the distal limit of the articular surface of the head
  3. surgical neck
    • proximal end of shaft
    • corresponds to the metaphysis of the growing bone
    • name reflects that fractures often occur at this site
  4. greater tubercle
    • superior anterior large projection lateral to the epiphysis
    • bears three smooth flat impressions that serve for as┬áthe attachment site for three muscles that originate from the scapula
  5. lesser tubercle
    • inferior anterior and medial surface of the epiphysis lateral
    • marks the insertion point of another scapular muscle
  6. intertubercular sulcus
    groove between tubercles
  7. deltoid tuberosity
    • lateral border of the shaft extending more than halfway down its length
    • named after the deltoid muscle it is attached too
  8. distal end has two condyles
    trochlea and capitulum
  9. trochlea
    • medial side
    • spool-shaped medial portion that articulates with the ulna
    • the medial bone of the forarm
  10. capitulum
    • lateral surface of the condyle
    • dome shaped lateral side cupped by
    • articulates with the head of the radius
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