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  1. what decreases morbidity in septic arthitis
    • abx
    • surgical drainage
  2. rationalization vs intellectualization
    rationalization --using logic to makes sense of an upsetting event

    intellectualization--separating emotional concerns from an emotional issue that causes anxiety about an issue
  3. what drugs worsen stemi?
  4. primary brain tumors are common with what hereditary syndromes causing cancer of colon
    • fap
    • hnpcc
  5. low-normal levels of platelets and fibrinogen after fetal demise, means what
    deliver the baby to prevent dic
  6. asymptomatic bacteruria in a prengnat woman increases risk of what
    acute pyelonephritis
  7. what is the etiology behing pickwickian syndrome
    decreased chest wall compliance
  8. gerd vs pyloric stenosis in a child
    pyloric stenosis--electrolyte abnormalities and failure to thrive
  9. most resorption of bone is caused by 2 factors
    most cancers--PTHrelated peptide

    mm--local osteolytic factors
  10. observer,measuremtn and ascertainment bias is
    misclassification of exposure to outcome
  11. ascites and a pelvic mass
    ovarian cance
  12. sliding or paraesophageal hernia gives gerd
  13. artery of epistaxis
    sphenopalantine artery
  14. rx for hypocalcemia
    calcium gluconate
  15. diagnosis for a mass with calcifications
    open core biopsy
  16. what infections do you screen for in pregnancy
    • syphilis
    • hep b
    • herpes
    • hiv
    • and chlamydia and gonorhhea if <25 or at high risk
  17. rx for missed abortion
    • confirm with ultrasound
    • remove
  18. next step in management of chronic bacterial sinutisits
    treat no, testing required
  19. what disease gives a narrow colon
    cystic fibrosis
  20. what are teh non germ cell tumors
    • yolk sac--afp
    • choriocarcinoma--beta hcg
    • emryonal carcinoma-afp and beta hcg
  21. pain at sites where tendons insert is called
    and is seen in what dz

    ankylosing spondylitis
  22. rx for malignant otitis externa
    iv cipro
  23. rx for unstable croup patients
    • epinephrine
    • intubation
  24. 4 caues of different blood pressure in the arms
    • coarctation
    • aortic dissection
    • subclavian steal syndrome
    • atherosclerosis
  25. lfts high bc of anti tb treatment, next step?
    leave it
  26. test to compare proportions?
    chi square
  27. causes of epistaxis
    • osler weber
    • coarctation
  28. what ekg arryhtmia is seen with digoxin
    atrial tachy wiht av nodal block
  29. difference between aromatase insensitive and cad?
    • estrogen is normal and mineralcorticoid is deficiency in cad
    • estrogen is low in aromatase deficiency
  30. how does androgen insensitivity present
    at puberty the genitals become adult
  31. what is the tidal volume in ards?
  32. alcoholic hallucinosis vs dt?
    vital signs and sensorium is intact in hallucinosis
  33. flashes anc curtain coming down over the eyes means
    retinal detachment
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