AnP Final Intergumentary System

  1. What are the functions of the skin
    Protection, tempertature control, prevents dehydration, sensory perception, producino of vitamin D, insulation, excretes wastes
  2. What are the layers of the skin
    • Epidermis- Surface layer composed of epithelium
    • Dermis-Lower portion of the skin (true skin)
    • Subcutaneous (hypodermis)- not considered part of skin
  3. What are the cells and there functions in the epidermis
    • Keratinocytes: produce the protein keratin which hardens skin and gives it its protective qualities
    • Melanocytes: synthesize the pigment melanin which gives skin its color
  4. What are the layers of the epidermis
    • Stratum corneum- ( upper, horny layer
    • Stratum lucidum- secrets lubricating fluid (glycolipid)
    • Stratum granulosum (granular layer)
    • Stratum spinosum
    • Stratum basal (germinativum)- bottom layer
  5. What is melanin largely responsible for
    Your skin color
  6. what does Keratin do
    Makes protein that thickens the skin and makes up hair and nails
  7. What are suboriferous glands
    Sweat glands
  8. What are eccrine glands
    most abundant located in palms feet and forhead composed mainly of water
  9. What are apocrine glands
    located in armpit and groin area contain fatty substance that is broken down by bacteria which produces an odor stimulated by pain stress and sexual stimulation
  10. What are sebaceous glands
    Oil glands
  11. What is pallor
    pale discoloration of the skin
  12. What is cyanosis
    Blue discoloration of the skin due to lack of oxygen
  13. What is jaundice
    yellow discoloration of the skin due to liver dysfunction
  14. What is erythema
    Reddish discoloration of the skin
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AnP Final Intergumentary System
AnP Final Intergumentary System