ADN 150 General Vocab 1

  1. Edema
    swelling, check for pitting
  2. Turgor
    resistance (elasticity) of skin when pulled

    tenting: when skin does not go back right away on back of hand esp (may signify dehydration)
  3. Pediculosis
  4. What are the three pediculosis types?
    • Pubis-pubic hair (crabs)
    • Capitis- head lice
    • Corporis- body lice
  5. Alopecia

    may signify a disease where hair is brittle, thin, or patchy

    may simply be male pattern balding
  6. Glossitis
    inflammation of the tongue
  7. Halitosis
    Bad breath
  8. Stomatitis
    • inflammation of the mouth
    • may include lips, cheeks, mucous membranes
  9. Gingivitis
    swelling of gums (teeth may recede from gums as well)
  10. Exudate
    oozing of fluids
  11. Peripheral vascular disease
    (PVD) any condition that causes partial or complete obstruction of the flow of blood to or from the arteries or veins outside of the chest
  12. Effleurage
    a massage technique that includes stroking and follows the contours of the body
  13. Petrasage
    a massage technique that includes kneading or squeezing of muscle groups, usually on the extremities
  14. Edentulous
    without teeth
  15. Somatitis
  16. Polypharmacology
    using a lot of drugs together, results in a higher risk of side effects and drug related complications
  17. Macerate
    To make skin soft, usually through soaking
  18. What is the RSVP of eye care?
    • Redness (erythema)
    • Sesnsitivity
    • Visual Problems
    • Pain
  19. Erythema
  20. What are the three "E's" and what do they mean is happening?
    Edema, Exudate, and Erythema

    Swelling, draining, and redness signify an infection
  21. Consensual pupillary response
    When you shine light in one eye, both pupils contact equally
  22. Babinski reflex
    • Image Upload 1
    • Normal in children, abnormal in adults
  23. Bruit
    The sound of blood rushing past an occlusion
  24. Extra Ocular Movements (EOMs)
    Moving eyes to all 6 positions
  25. Ptosis
    Dropping of eye lids
  26. Rinne Test
    • hearing test comparing air conduction and bone conduction of sound
    • Image Upload 2
  27. Weber test
    Image Upload 3Tests lateralization of hearing
  28. Exophalmos
    • Also called proptosis
    • Bulging of the eyes anatomically
  29. Romberg
    • A series of tests which evaluate the client's equilibrium
    • Tandem walk, closing eyes and standing, hopping/standing on one foot
  30. Hemiplegia
    paralysis on one side of the body
  31. Decorticate Posturing vs. Decerebrate posturing
    Image Upload 4hands turning inwards towards core vs. hands away from core
  32. Crepitus
    Crackling sounds
  33. Nystagmus
    Uncontrollable movements of the eye
  34. Strabismus
    Eyes do not line up ("cross eyes")
  35. Expressive aphasia
    Difficulty expressing verbal communication
  36. Cushing's Triad
    • Tests for intracranial pressure
    • 1. Widening of the pulse pressure
    • 2. Change in respiration
    • 3. Bradycardia
  37. Graphesthesia
    • The ability to recognize letters or numbers on the skin
    • Test normally on palm of hand; tests perception and sensation
  38. Sterognosis
    • The ability to perceive the shape of an object by touch
    • May be tested with coins or keys
  39. CVA
    Cerebral Vascular Accident
  40. GCS
    Glasgow coma Scale

    Image Upload 5
  41. DTR
    Do not resuscitate
  42. CNS
    Central Nervous System
  43. LOC/LOR
    Level of Consciousness/Level of Responsiveness
  44. A+O x3
    Alert and Oriented to at least three spheres (person, place, time)
  45. PERRLA
    Pupils Equal, Round, Reactive to Light and Accomodation
  46. PMH
    past medical history
  47. Murmur
    swooshing sound between S1 and S2
  48. Doppler
    • Bedside test done with pulse cannot be palpated
    • uses a Doppler machine, looks much like an ultrasond
  49. S1
    • ventricular Systole
    • Closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves
    • LUB sound
    • Listen to the heart beat the PMI
  50. S2
    • ventricular diastole
    • the DUB Sound
    • Closing of Aortic and Pulmonic valves
    • Listen to at base of heart in ICS 2
  51. Homan's Sign
    • may dignify DVT
    • Pain in calf when bending the knee or dorsiflexion of foot
  52. PMI
    • Point of maximal impulse
    • Listen to at apex of heart
  53. Pericardial Friction Rub
  54. Tripod Positioning
  55. Carotid Sinus Massage
    Only to be done by doctors
  56. Intermittent claudication
  57. Allen's Test
  58. Jugular venous pressure
  59. pain, pallor, pulselessness
    Symptoms associated with heart failure
  60. Orthopnea
  61. Nocturia
  62. Ankle-Brachial index
  63. PMI
    Point of Maximal Impulse
  64. AED
    Automated External Defibrillator
  65. SA node
    Sinal Atrial Node
  66. PQRST
    Image Upload 6
  67. MCL
    Mid Clavicular Line
  68. ICS
    Intercostal Space
  69. CO
    Cardiac Output
  70. SV
    Stroke Volume
  71. HR
    heart rate
  72. CHF
    Congestive Heart failure
  73. CAD
    Coronary Artery Disease
  74. ECG
    Electrocardio Graph
  75. HDL
    High Density Lipoproteins
  76. PVD
    Peripheral Vascular Disease
  77. ABI
    Ankle Brachial Index
  78. DVT
    Deep Vein Thrombosis
  79. JVD
    Jugular Venous Distention
  80. CMS
    Color/Circulation, motor, sensation
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