Welding Chapter 3: SMAW

  1. Voltage/ Volts (V)
    • Measurement of electrical pressure
    • (similar to psi in water pressure)
  2. Amperage/ amps (A)
    • Measurement of total number of electrons flowing.
    • (similar to gallons as measurement of water flowing)
  3. Wattage/ watts (W)
    measurement of the amount of electrical energy or power in the arc.

  4. DCEN
    Direct Current Electrode Negative

    • -Electrode Negative, work positive
    • -Electrons leave the electrode and go into work
    • -1/3 heat electrode 2/3 heat on work
  5. DCEP
    Direct Current Electrode Positive

    • -Electrode positive, work negative
    • -Electrons leave the work and go into the electrode
    • -1/3 heat work 2/3 heat on electrode
  6. AC
    Alternate Current

    • -Electrons change directions ever 1/120 second
    • -heat is evenly distributed
  7. CV
    Constant Voltage

    - The arc voltage remains constant even in arc length and amps increase or decrease
  8. CC
    Constant current

    • -Total welding current (watts) remains the same
    • -voltage decreases as amps increase
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Welding Chapter 3: SMAW
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