Week 7

  1. benign
    kind, caring, not harmful
  2. poignant
    deeply affecting the feelings in a touching or painful way
  3. incorporeal
    without a physical body, existing solely as a spirit
  4. facets
    the different aspects (sides or parts) of something
  5. emanation
    something coming out from a source
  6. skepticism
    a doubting attitude
  7. embellish
    to beautify something by adding decoration OR to add exaggerated details to something
  8. unwittingly
    unknowingly, unintentionally
  9. apostasy
    renunciation (denial) of a religious belief
  10. derivation
    the origin or source
  11. denote
    refer to; to be a sign or representation of something
  12. dementia
    the progressive losing of one's memory
  13. subvert
    to undermine or overthrow the powers that be
  14. ascertain
    to find out something for certain
  15. facetious
    not intended to be taken seriously
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Week 7