Nutrition - Vitamins

  1. Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C
    • Action: Antioxidant, tissue building, iron absorption
    • Sources: Citrus fruits and juices, vegetables
    • Deficiency: Scurvy, decreased iron absorption, bleeding gums
  2. Thiamin B1
    • Action: Muscle energy, GI support, CV support
    • Sources: Meats, grains, legumes
    • Deficiency: Beriberi, altered digestion, CNS and CV problems
  3. Riboflavin B2
    • Action: Growth, energy, tissue healing
    • Sources: Milk, meats, green leafy vegetables
    • Deficiency: Skin eruptions, cracked lips, red swollen tongue
  4. Niacin B3
    • Action: Energy and protein metabolism/ cellular metabolism
    • Sources: Liver, nuts, legumes
    • Deficiency: Pellagra, skin lesions, GI and CNS symptoms, dementia
  5. Pantothenic Acid B5
    • Action: Fatty acid metabolism, cell synthesis, heme production
    • Sources: Organ meats, egg yolk, avocados, broccoli
    • Deficiency: Anemia, CNS changes
  6. Pyridoxine B6
    • Action: Cellular function, heme and neurotransmitter synthesis
    • Sources: Organ meats, grains
    • Deficiency: Anemia, CNS hyperirritability, dermatitis
  7. Folate
    • Action: Synthesis of amino acids and hemoglobin, lower neural tube defect in fetus
    • Sources: Liver, green leafy vegetables, grains, legumes
    • Deficiency: Megaloblastic anemia, CNS disturbance
  8. Cobalamin B12
    • Action: Hemoglobin Synthesis, fatty acid metabolism
    • Sources: Organ meats, clams, oysters, grains
    • Deficiency: Pernicious anemia, GI symptoms, poor muscle coordination
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Nutrition - Vitamins
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