Week 5

  1. atonement
    payment for sin
  2. estrangement
    rift; no longer friendly
  3. initiative
    the first step in a process; once taken, it determines the following events
  4. persistent
    lasting for a long time; continuing despite difficulties
  5. incomprehensible
    beyond understanding
  6. excruciating
    extremely painful, hard to bear
  7. reconcile
    make friendly; end conflict
  8. ambiguity
    unclear meaning
  9. unequivocal
    allowing for no doubt or misinterpretation
  10. defiled
    ruined, corrupted
  11. vicariously
    doing or enduring as a substitute for someone else
  12. preconceived
    already formed in the mind
  13. reprieve
    stop or postpone somebody's punishment
  14. affirmation
    something said to be true
  15. dogmatic
    expressing rigid, strongly held beliefs and opinions
  16. superficial
    not profound; shallow; not thorough
  17. intransigence
    firm refusal to even consider changing one's mind
  18. obliterate
    destroy completely
  19. profound
    great; showing or requiring great understanding
  20. justification
    declared righteousness
  21. sanctification
    set apart, delivered daily from the power of sin
  22. supine
    laying on the back; utterly inactive
  23. apex
    highest point of something
  24. glorification
    perfect and free from all sin (in heaven)
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Week 5