Chapter 3

  1. Anatomic Position
    Body is viewed as erect, arms at the side with palms of the hands facing forward and feet placed side by side
  2. Prefixes
    bi, uni
  3. Suffixes
    ad, ior, ic, al
  4. Directional Terms
    cephalad, caudad, lateral, medial, unilateral, bilateral, distal, proximal, superior, inferior, cephalic, caudal, anterior, posterior, ventral, dorsal, anteroposterior(AP), Posteroanterior(PA)
  5. Frontal or coronal
    Plane passing through body from side to side. divides body to anterior and posterior halves
  6. midsagittal
    plane passing through body from front to back. divides body to equal right and left halves
  7. Sagittal
    plane that passes through body from front and back. divides body to unequal right and left half
  8. Transverse: horozontal
    plane dividing body into upper and lower portion
  9. abdominopelvic regions
    • hypochondriac(right and left) = upper part
    • epigastric = middle upper
    • lumbar(right and left)middle left and right
    • umbilical  = middle and middle
    • iliac(right and left) = lower right and left
    • hypogastric = lower middle
  10. RUQ
    Right upper Quadrant
  11. LUQ
    Left upper quadrant
  12. RLQ
    Right lower quadrant
  13. LLQ
    Left Lower quadrant
  14. Right upper quadrant
    Liver, Large intestine
  15. Left upper quadrant
  16. Right lower quadrant
    appendix, parts of small intestine
  17. Left lower quadrant
    small intestine
  18. abbreviations
    ant = anterior, AP = anteroposterior, inf = inferior, lat = lateral, LLq = Left lower quadrant, LUQ = Left upper quadrant, med = medial, PA = Posteroanterior, RLQ = Right lower quadrant, RUQ = right upper quadrant, sup = superior
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