Geog 3: Lecture 3

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  1. Central Asia
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    • -main religion is islam
    • -mostly desert
  2. South Asia
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    • -India, Paskistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
    • -India is most populated
  3. Euphemism
    • -substitution of a offensive expression for a mild one
    • -Ex. “To pass away” instead of “to die.”
    • -Ex. "ethnic cleansing" instead of "genocide"
  4. East Asia
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    • -China, Korea, Japan
    • -China is the most populated country in the world
    • -Religion: Confucianism
  5. Southeast Asia
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    • -Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Signapore, Cambodia
    • -covered with rainforests
  6. Oceania
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    -Australia, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea
  8. Dialects come from a ______
    single common dialect
  9. Languages are all related Example
    • -Indo-European family: Sanskrit, Greek, Latina
    • -they all came from a single source
    • -relations are seen in all words
    • -Ex. Latin to English
    • Mater,Pater-------Mother, Father
  10. Indo-European dialect
    • -largest language family in the world
    • -colonization
  11. Sino-Tibetan
    largely contained within East Asia
  12. Niger-Congo
    • -Concentrated in one conventional world region
    • -Sub-Saharan Africa
  13. Afro-Asiatic
    -Concentrated mostly in the Middle East
  14. Austronesian
    • -most in indonesia
    • -Asia
  15. Dravdian
    Concentrated specifically in Southern India
  16. Altaic
    -Extent of hypothesized Altaic language family, throughout Central Asia, North Asia, Korea, and Japan
  17. Japonic
    If Japan is not included in the Altaic language family, it becomes the next largest language family
  18. Austro-Asiatic
    Concentrated in Southeast Asia, two most populous members are Vietnamese and Cambodia
  19. Tai-Kadai
    Concentrated in conventional Southeast Asia, includes Thai
  20. Korean
    If Korean is considered a separate language family, includes all of South/North Korea, and some areas of the PRC.
  21. Nilo-Saharan
    Includes some sub-saharan Africa, and North Africa
  22. Uralic
    Concentrated in Northern Europe, includes: Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian,
  23. Eskimo-Aleut
    They live in really cold climates along the arctic
  24. Amerindian
    North America and South America, also may speak in a European language
  25. How many speakers does Indo-European family have?
    • around 2.916 Billion 
    • -This is the family to which English and Spanish belong, as well as Hindi, Bengali, Farsi, Russian, German, etc.
  26. English belongs to what branch of the Indo-European family
    • Germanic
    • -two main branches
    • 1. North
    • 2. West
  27. Who is the world hegemon right now?
    • United States, Britain was the last one
    • -both have english-speaking nature
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