Digital Life 101 (glossary terms from common sense media)

  1. A two- or three-dimensional icon that represents a computer user or a gamer. It can be a cartoonish graphic, a photograph, a screen name, or a fully- developed character.
  2. A website or Web application where headlines and other content are collected for easy viewing.
  3. A type of website usually updated by an individual or group to provide news or opinions on a specific subject, while others are more like an online journal. (They usually allow readers to leave comments on posts.)
  4. The act of saying mean things online, usually in ALL CAPS, and often in a public forum with the intention to humiliate.
  5. A remix or blend of multiple songs, videos, or other media content into one product. Fan fiction writing is one form of a mash-up, as writers take characters from a well-known video game, movie, or book, and rewrite their actions or relationships.
  6. Usually an online virtual world game that multiple players navigate and play in together. While in this virtual world, their avatars chat, cooperate, and quest together, oftentimes towards a goal.
    MMOG Massively multiplayer online game
  7. A network which allows for sharing of mp3s, videos, and other digital files by transferring information directly between two computers rather than by going through a central server.
    P2P or Peer-to-Peer
  8. The illegal act of sending emails or messages that appear to come from authentic sources, but really come from spammers.  These spammers often try to get people to send them their personal information, everything from account numbers to passwords.
  9. Downloadable video or audio files.  They can be verbal, based on a certain topic, or can include music, video, and commentary. Most are updated regularly through the addition of new episodes.
  10. A short message of fewer than 160 characters sent from a cell phone.
    SMS, or text message
  11. A text message that contains an attached multimedia file, such as a picture or song.
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Digital Life 101 (glossary terms from common sense media)
Common words related to digital media.