history quiz 2

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  1. His crew was brave having to overcome fears of ________________
    sea monsters, falling off a flat earth, or sailing down a hill and cant get back up
  2. didnt realize tht he had hit a _______on his way to the orient (east indies)
    road block
  3. Thought he was in the ______but really on an island in the bahamas
    East Indies
  4. landed on an island that he named
    salvador (holy savior)
  5. Riches of the orient included
    silk, gems porcelian, precious medals
  6. Purpose of sailing
    to find the riches of the orient by sailing west instead of East,  wanted a new trade route
  7. sailed about _________miles
  8. __men and boys onboard
  9. columbus set sail on _________ on the Nina Pinta and Santa Maria
    Aug. of 1492
  10. ______refused to finance the voyage so the rival, Spain, financed the voyage (____________)
    Portugal -King Ferdinand and Queen Islabel
  11. Italian sailor
    Christopher Columbus
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