1. What tcp port # does a typical smpt server use?
  2. What .Net library is used for SMPT based mail?
  3. Which .Net class is used for the FROM and TO addresses when sending
  4. Which .Net class is used for the SUBJECT and BODY when sending mail?
  5. Which .Net class is used for actually sending the mail to the server?
    SMPT Client
  6. T/F JQuery is good for DOM traversal?
    True - main benefit
  7. How many mail classes are there?
  8. What does the JQuery method ($) always return
    an array
  9. What does JSON stand for and what is it?
    • JavaScript Object Notation
    • Data formatting technique to add objects
  10. What's the purpose of the JQuery .toggleClass method?
    • applying and removing a style to an element.
    • Notes table
  11. What's the purpose of the JQuery .remove method?
    take something away from the structure such as a row
  12. What is the 2nd parameter of the JQuery $.each method
    call back function
  13. What is the LINQ syntax for doing multi table joins?
    • from in join in on select
    • fijios
  14. What was the purpose of the OrderDetailsModel class?
    a container for 3 tables
  15. What class has a ConvertAll method?
  16. How does the ConvertAll method work?
    • 3 parameters
    • convert 1 list to another list of different types
  17. What class is returned to the JQuery routine that calls for the entire list of Orders for a particular customer?
    JSon result
  18. What method does the JQuery use to make the call of the JSON
  19. what are the 3 parameters of getJson()
    • controller
    • method
    • call back function
  20. If we are debugging the method of getJSON and there is a problem, where can we see the status value?
    console in browser
  21. What JQuery call do we use to iterate through the JSON array?
  22. What is the purpose of cur in the following line of code?
    calling the currency function in scripts
  23. SMPT4DEV
    emulates a server
  24. What are the 3
    • smptrClient
    • MailMessage
    • MailAddress
  25. what 2 things are put in <mailSettings...>
    • port #25
    • server (localhost)
  26. google.maps.Geocoder method
    give you an instance of what you need to run the Geocode method on
  27. geocode method
    • give an address
    • returns latitude and longitude
  28. infoWindow
    popup on the marker
  29. Authorization vs Authentication
    • Authorization - FilterCongif - gives abilty to do things in the system
    • Authentication - logging into sysem
  30. FilterConfig
    locking down everything without logging in
  31. [AllowAnonymous]
    • HomeController
    • login
    • register
  32. where is <authentication mode
    and what's in it?
    • WebConfig
    • point you to homepage if you are not authorized
  33. SQL Server changes login purpose
    login to database
  34. SQL Server changes user purpose
    login to server
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