Land use Patterns

  1. What are the four factors that influence land use patterns
    • Land Value
    • Zoning
    • Technology
    • Climate
  2. Describe land Value
    • Generally, land values are most expensive in areas that are most accesible(easily reached)
    • like CBD
  3. Describe Technology
    As technology grows, so do building patterns

    Now large driveways and garages are here to accomidate the dominance of priate vehicles in Canada
  4. Describe Zoning
    • Zoning land use laws are passed by municipal goverments to control development in areas and to avoid conflicts between land uses
    • Would you want to go to a school beside a steel mill?
  5. tClimate
    • Urban planners have recentely been taking it into consideration of Canadas cool climate
    • tunnels, indoor mall and plazas etc
  6. What are the five kinds of land use?
    Residential, Transportational, Commercial, Industrial and other
  7. What are the four types of industries
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Tertiary
    • Quartenary
  8. Primary and its importance
    Take raw materials from the natural environment and extract them

    Canada earns a lot of money through the sale of these products to other countries
  9. Secondary and its importance
    Process primary products intp finished goods
  10. Tertiary and importance
    • Provide a wide range of services
    • Employs the majority of Canadians. Without them, society couldn't function
  11. Quartenary and importance
    • special kind(highliy specialized and knowledge based)
    • As technology has progressed society has needed to produce more support services
    • Research &development, Labrotoryies
  12. What are the factors determining where to put a industry(7)
    • Proximity of raw materials
    • Location of markets
    • Availability of fresh water and power
    • Labour supply
    • Transportation
    • Political factors
    • Circumstance
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