1. What are some of the complications of diabetes?
    • -Infection
    • -Peripheral/Autonomic neuropathy
    • -Nephropathy
    • -Retinopathy
    • -Cardio disease
    • -Amputation
    • -Pregnancy complications
    • -Silent killer
  2. What is the PP value for controlled diabetes?
    Less then 160mg/dl
  3. Description of Type 2 Diabtes
    • -Insulin secretion may be low, normal or higher then normal
    • -Accounts for 90-95%
    • -Screening is over 45 years ever 3 years
    • -Aka non-insulin dependent, adult onset, ketosis-resistant
  4. What is the FPG for controlledd diabetes
    Less than 126mg/dl
  5. What is the casual plasma glucose
    The measurment taken with no regard for time or food ingestion
  6. Ketosis
    The presence of urinary ketones
  7. Facts about Diabetes
    • -The 7th leading cause of death in the U.S
    • -Rise for stroke is 2-4 times higher
    • -Leading cause of blindness
    • -Leading cause of kidney failure
    • -$174 billion in the U.S
  8. Oral findings that may occur with diabtes with teeth with uncontrolled diabetes
    • -Increased caries
    • -Less sucessful resolution of endo therapy
  9. What is diabetes
    A group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia and abnormalities of carbohydrates, fat and protein metabolism
  10. Risk factors of Type 2 diabetes
    • -Obesity
    • -Inactivity
    • -Minority
    • -Had a baby more then 9 lbs
    • -Had gestational diabetes
    • -Hx of polycystic ovary syndrome
    • -Hypertension
    • -HDL is less then 35mg
    • -Triglyceride is more than 250 mg
    • -Hx of vascular disease
  11. Nephropathy
    Disease of the kidney
  12. What is the HbA1c value for uncontrolled diabetes
    More then 8%
  13. What is the FPG value for uncontrolled diabetes?
    More then 160mg/dl
  14. HHS Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state
    A life threatening emerency associated with type 2 diabetes in which glucose levels are greater then 600mg/dl
  15. Patients with Type 1 diabetes doesnt produce any insulin True or False
  16. Oral findings that may occur with diabetes with mucosa
    Edematous, oral candidiasis, burning mouth/tongue, delayed healing, increased prevalence of lichen planus & aphthous stomatitis
  17. Oral findings that may occur with diabetes with periodotium
    Periodontitis, attachement loss, deep probing depths, alveolar bone loss, tooth mobility and delay healing
  18. Poorly controlled diabetics are how much moe likely to have severe periodontitis
    Three times
  19. What is the FPG valu for moderately controlled diabetes?
    Less then 160mg/dl
  20. Oral findings that may occur with diabetes with lips
    Dry, cracking, angular cheilitis
  21. DKA Diabetic Ketoacidosis
    A life threatening hyperglycemic state in which patients with diabetes have very little or no insulin production where glucose levels will be above 300mg/dl
  22. What is the HbA1c value for moderately controlled diabetes
  23. Oral findings that may occur with diabetes with saliva
    Decreased flow, glucose in sulcular fluid, xerostomia
  24. Retinopathy
    Damage to the blood vessels in the retina, The leading cause of blindness
  25. What is the PP value
    The measurement taken after consuming a meal
  26. What is the FPG
    The measurement taken after fasting for atleast 8 hours
  27. What are the functions of Insulin?
    • Facilitates glucose uptake from blood into tissue
    • Speeds the oxidation of glucose within the cells for energy
    • Speeds the conversion of glycogen to store in the liver and skeletal muscles
    • Facilitates conversion of glucose to fat in adipose tissue
  28. Polyphagia
    Increased hunger
  29. What is the PP value for ncontrolled diabetes
    More then 200mg/dl
  30. Oral findings that may occur wth diabetes with taste
    Hypogeusia, altered taste perception
  31. Description of Type 1 Diabetes
    • No insulin is made due to the destruction of insulin producing beta cells in pancreas
    • Prone to ketoacidosis
    • Also known as juvenile onset, ketosis-prone, brittle
  32. How often is the self admiinstered glucose test taken
    3x/day in either test strip, glucose meter and urine ketone test
  33. What is the HbA1c value for controleed diabetes
    Less then 6%
  34. What are the measurement of choice for monitoring the treatment of diabetes
    FPG and HbA1c
  35. When is the most common age that Type 1 diabetes occurs
    Before age 30
  36. Polydipsia
    Increased thirst
  37. How many people in the U.S hav diabetes
    23.6 million
  38. What is the PP value for moderately controlled diabetes
    160-200 mg/dl
  39. What is the laboratory test for blood glucose
    • Glycated hemoglobin assay
    • -To measure amount of glucose bound to a hemoglobin molecule
    • Usually performed every 3 months
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