Day 1 Basketball Training

  1. Warm Up
    5 Firefeet 10 seconds each
  2. Dynamic Stretches
    • x45 two arm windmills (both directions)
    • -swing arms in a circle
    • x45 two arm swings
    • -swing both arms across the chest
    • x45 torso swings
    • -hands on head and twist the body
    • x45 leg swings (both legs)
    • -kick your leg as high as possible
    • -swing the leg backĀ 
    • x10 praying mantis (both legs)
    • -on one leg bend down slowly with a leg extended
    • -go back up, still on one leg, bring knee up
  3. Stretches (30 seconds each)
    • Calf stretch
    • -put your foot against a wall
    • -lean forward
    • Hamstring stretch
    • -sit on the ground
    • -extend one leg
    • -the other leg tucked in
    • -bring chest to thigh
    • Quadriceps stretch
    • -while standing bring one leg behind you
    • Groin stretch
    • -sit on the floor
    • -form a circle with your legs
    • -put your hands on your feet
    • -bend over
    • Glute stretch
    • -lie on your back
    • -hold one leg just below the knee
    • -put your ankle on the leg on the leg you're holding
    • -pull backĀ 
    • Lower Back stretch
    • -while on your knees
    • -put your hands on your back
    • -lean backwards making an arch
    • Upper Back stretch
    • -while on your knees
    • -bring your chest down to your knees
    • -slide hands forward
    • Abdominal stretch
    • -lie on your stomach
    • -with your hip still on the floor push up with your arms
    • Chest stretch
    • -put you hands behind your head
    • -pull you elbows back and your chest out
    • Triceps stretch
    • -bring your arms behind your ear
    • -bend your arm
    • -with your other arm pull it behind you
    • Biceps stretch
    • -bring your arms behind your back
    • -interlock fingers
    • -reach arms out
    • -slightly raise your arms
    • Shoulder stretch
    • -bring one arm across your chest
    • -with your other arm pull the arm closer to you
  4. Vertical
    • Basic
    • x45 tuck jumps
    • x45 pogo jumps
    • x45 lateral line hops
    • x45 hamstring bridge
    • x45 squats
    • x15 lunges
    • Advanced
    • x10 hammer hops
    • x45 criss cross lunges
    • x45 river dance chops
    • x20 deep jumps
    • x45 mario jumps
    • x45 one leg plank dips
    • x20 single leg power lifts
  5. Plyometrics
    • x10 broad jumps
    • -mark your height on the ground
    • -jump that length
    • x10 power jacks
    • -deep squat, with extended arms
    • -explode up
    • x10 jump lunges
    • x10 box jumps
    • -jump off something elevated
    • -on landing, squat then explode up
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Day 1 Basketball Training
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