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  1. A periapical radiograph of the maxillary molar region you have taken demonstrates overlapping of the interproxiamal spaces and the mesial-buccal root of the 1st molar and the lingualroot of the 1st molar are superimposed on each other.  This indicates the central ray was directed from a direction.
    too far from the mesial
  2. What is a pixel?
    The heart of a wired digital image receptor is a large silicone chip containing approx. 220,000 discrete picture elements.
  3. In the digital imaging system using photostimulable phosphors, what is the location where the electrons are collected called?
    Luminescense centers
  4. List at least 4 advantages of digital imaging systems compared to conventional direct exposure film systems.
    • Instant visualization
    • Reduced pt exposure
    • Elimination of darkroom
    • Ability to manipulate the image in various ways
  5. List at least 4 disadvantages of digital imaging systems compared to conventional direct exposure film systems.
    • sml image detector sz relatifve to conventional film sz.
    • high emplentaions cost
    • emerging technology
    • legal status of digital images
  6. What are the differences between PSP and CCD based digital imaging systems?
    CCD uses pixel & PSP imaging plate
  7. What is the difference between the digital image receptor size and the "active area of the digital image receptor?
    41-75% sml
  8. How many shades of the gray does the computer software typically generate to create the digital image on the computer screen?
  9. What is the basic difference between an anolog and a digital image?
    An analog image possesses an alomost infinite number of shades of gray and a digital image has no physical existence outside of the computer.
  10. What is the "Privacy Rule" established by the Dept. of Health and Human Services[HHS]?
  11. What types [spoken, written, electronic, etc.] of personal health information [PHI] are the HIPAA guidelines primarily intended to control?
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