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  1. most common location for ectopic generation of impulses causing afib
    pulmonary veins
  2. rx for intratrochanteric fracture of hip?
    • hip replacement
    • rods and screws for extratrochanteric
  3. first step in management of a non reassuring fetal heart rate
    • position change and oxygen
    • discontinue uterotonic drugs
    • fetal ph measuring if non reassuring heart rate continues
  4. when is amnioinfusion indicated
    for  variable decelerations if other conservative measures dont help
  5. next step after swalling draino?
  6. common cause of hammer toes?
    friedrichs ataxia
  7. manifestations of friedrichs ataxia
    • scoliosis
    • ataxia
    • dysarthia
    • hammer toes
    • cardiomyopaty
  8. when do you surgically repair abdominal hernia
    after 2 years of age
  9. pontine hemorrhage
    • decerebrate rigidiy
    • coma
    • paraplegia
  10. dx of anemia with high retics in an possible CLL or non hodgkins lymphoma
    warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia
  11. a patient with mgus, next step
    rule out MM by doing a skeletal x ray
  12. when do you perform a renal and bladder ultrasound with a uti in infants?
    when do you perform voiding cystaurethrogram
    on first uti before 24 months or unresponsive to antibiotics

    vcu--- recurrent uti
  13. how does papillary vs follicular cancer of thyroid metastesize?
    papillary---lymph nodes

    follicular- blood vessels
  14. which thyroid cells have hurthle cells
    papillary and follicular
  15. 3 causes of post cholecystectomy pain
    • functional pain
    • sphincter of oddi dysfunction
    • gallstones in the biliary tree
  16. rx for sphincter of oddi dysfunction
  17. aortic dissection in a 30 year old?
    aortic dissection in a 60 year old?
    • marfans
    • systemic hypertension
  18. congenital disease with foot drop
    charcot marie tooth disease
  19. cause of high steppage gain
    L5 injury or common perineal injury
  20. which one is painfull, horodleum or chalazion
  21. loss to follow up createes what bias
  22. what is observer's or measurement bias?
    misclassification of exposure/non exposure to diseased/non diseased subjects
    hypoplasia of face and fingers
  24. 3 P's of maccune albright dyslpasia
    • precocious puberty
    • pigmentation
    • polyostous fibrous dysplasia
  25. what ph of the fluid in the exudate indicates an exudates
  26. which hypercoagulbility state causes venous and arterial thrombosis
  27. difference in presentation between endocardial cushion defect and asd?
    • asd---fixed s2 splitting
    • cushion defect--loud P2 due to increased blood flow in the lungs
  28. rx for local impetigo?
    topical mupirocin

    severe--oral cephalexin, ampicilline, dixloxacillin
  29. what drug stimulates appetitie in cachetic patients?
  30. when do you resect colon in diverticulitis?
    • fistula
    • perforation
    • obstruction
    • peritonitis
  31. rx for abscess due to diverticulitis
    ct guided drainage or surgical
  32. what are the only 2 precautions with which sildenafil is administered?
    • dont give with nitrates
    • 4 hours after alpha blockers
  33. in a normal distribution how are mean, mode and median related to eachother?
    they are all equall to eachother
  34. rx for cocaine induced stemi?
    tpa or stent
  35. next step in managing laryngomalacia?
    hold the child upright for 30 mins after feeding
  36. difference between orbital and preorbital cellulitis
    orbital has pain with movment of eyes and other eye pathologies like double vision
  37. recurrent bacterial infections + delayed umbilical separation
    leukocyte adhesion deficiency
  38. rx for solitary met to the brain?
    • resection and whole brain radiation
    • multiple--- whole brain radiation
  39. pain on terminal extension from a flexed leg?
    meniscal tear
  40. 2 causes of conductive hearing loss
    • otitis media
    • otosclerosis
  41. prophylaxis for pertussisa
    all close contacts regardless of their immunization history
  42. how do you diagnose exogenous thyroid hormone intake?
    very low thyroglobulin level
  43. what is situational syncope
    straining or coughing or valslava induced syncopey
  44. 2drugs to promote appetitie in cancer patients
    • steroids
    • progestin
  45. rx for congenital long qt syndrome
  46. 2 causes of an exudate with high amylase?
    • pancreatitis
    • esophageal perforation
  47. which cardiomyopathy is reversible
    • hemochromatosis
    • alcohol induced
  48. when do you perform gonadectomy in androgen insensitivity?
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