LA Exam

  1. whatfeature about the sailor's appearance did Divid notice first
    his black hair
  2. what direction was divid to travel in after he reached salonica
  3. In chapter one, David learned about ______________ and desides he wants to live
  4. david knows 7 languages, name 6
    english, franch, italian german hebrew spanish
  5. what did david first notice about Italian woman
  6. what event begins to make david think about god?
    he lost his compass. he thought he would get lost and they would find him. there was nothing to safeguard his freedom. (God)
  7. after david is beat up, to try to be free again he _______________-
    trys to find a free country
  8. What deal dose david make with god in his prayers of thanks the morning after rescuing maria?
    he has to repay god for what he did
  9. david influence on Maria
    She doesn't like maria's devotion to david. He quiet with everyone exept maria. She worships the ground he walks
  10. three things that happened to david in bologna
    • david goes into a church
    • talks to a priest
    • desised to stick with his god
  11. into what country dose david enter after switzerland
    david enter Germany
  12. CArlo
    marias older brother. He beat up david and now david hates him. He only beat him up beacuse he thought he was stealing. carlo trys to be friends but david refuses. david hates him like a man hates.
  13. Sophia Bang
    paints sceanery and people. She wanted to paint david and after she invites him to eat something. she isn't young or old. she was thin. She was not italian because of how she spoke the language. She was Danish. She told david about his mother
  14. Angelo
    was a lori driver who shared alot with david about his life. SHe was nice and shared food with david. But david thought he was stupid because she was telling some random kid about his life and asking for advice.
  15. Maria
    She had four siblings. David saved her life. Maria was devoted to him and worshiped the ground he walked. She was pretty, gental and delicate. She did not care much for school.
  16. The man
    the man is a guard at the camp david was at. he was in love with davids mother. he helped her escape and later david too. she gave david milk and vitamins to stay healthy. David hated him and always thought the amn hated him back.
  17. some things from the ncamp that will help david
    • Learning all these languages
    • he knew their traps and methods
    • he had strong muslce
    • and sharp eyes
  18. somethings that were unknown to david
    • what kinds of food were good or bad
    • never saw a map
    • didn't know what countrys were free
    • didn't trust people eaily
  19. two things Johannes taught david
    • violence is a stupids persons way to be felt. it was easyer to use your fist to strike a blow then to find a logical way to solving a problem
    • nevr say its someone elses fault even if it is. you can't forget your own responsibiltys. you can't change others, but you can do something about your own fault
  20. all the contrys in order of how david traveled
    Bulgona, greese, italy, switzerland, germany, denmark, copenhagan
  21. how is the dogs action not in vain
    david running for freedom and not giving up makes the dogs actiopn not in vain. and david gets away and reaches his mother.
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