Mark 5 vocab

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  1. 'υπανταω
    to meet
  2. 'αλυσις
  3. πεδη
    fetter, shackle
  4. διασπαω
    tear into pieces, burst
  5. συντριβω
    rub together, shiver, break, bruise, crush
  6. δαμαζω
    subdue, tame, restrain
  7. κατακαπτω
    cut or dash into pieces
  8. μακρωθεν
    from a distance, far off
  9. τρεχω
    to run. Aorist - εδραμεν
  10. ορκιζω
    to put to an oath, abjure
  11. βασανιζω
    pr. to apply the lapis Lydius or touchstone. to examine afflict, torment
  12. αγελη
    herd, flock
  13. χοιρος
    swine, pig, sow
  14. βοσκω
    to feed, pasture, tend while grazing
  15. επιτρεπω
    give over, permit, allow, suffer
  16. 'ορμαω
    trans. put into motion, incite, intrans. to rush
  17. κρημνος
    precipice, steep bank
  18. δισχιλιοι
    two thousand (dis - xilioi)
  19. σωφρονεω
    to be of a sound mind, right mind, be sane, sedate, to be of a modest, humble, mind
  20. διηγεομαι
    pr. to lead through (dia - ago), declare thoroughly, detail, recount, relate, tell
  21. 'οριον
    limit, bound, border of a territory or country
  22. ελεεω
    to pity, have compassion on,
  23. συνθλιβω
    press together, crowd
  24. 'ρυσις
    a flowing
  25. δαπαναω
    to expend, be at expense, spend, waste
  26. ωφελεω
    to help, profit, benefit, accomplish
  27. χειρων
    worse (not to be confused with xeir, xeiros - hand)
  28. οπισθεν
    from behind, behind, after
  29. ξηραινω
    to dry up, parch
  30. πηγη
    source, spring, fountain, issue, flow
  31. ιαομαι
    to heal, cure (iatros - physician...geriatrics, etc.)
  32. τρεμω
    to tremble, be agitated
  33. 'υγιης
    sound, in health (hygiene?)
  34. σκυλλω
    lit. flay, lacerate; met. vex, trouble, annoy
  35. συνακολουθεω
    to follow in company with, accompany
  36. θορυβεω
    make a din, uproar; trans. to disturb, throw into commotion; mid. raise a lament
  37. αλαλαζω
    lit. to raise the war cry; to wail, ring (onomatopoeia?)
  38. καταγελαω
    to deride, laugh at, jeer (from gelaw - smile, kata - against)
  39. μεθερμηνευω
    to translate, interpret (meta - with, 'ermhneuw - explain, interpret)
  40. κορασιον
    girl, maiden
  41. διαστελλω
    to determine, admonish, direct, charge, command
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