Airport guideline

  1. 3.01          Minor Aircraft Emergency (non-life threatening) involving a disabled aircraft on the ground (i.e. steering failure, flat tire, etc.).
  2. 3.01          Major Aircraft Emergency that could affect a safe landing (i.e. bomb threat, faulty landing gear, low hydraulic pressure, engine shut-down).
    Alert II
  3. 3.01          Aircraft crash, imminent crash upon landing or gear up landing, fire involving aircraft not in flight, an aircraft involved in an accident on or near the airport, etc.
  4. ): Restricted area of airport secured by physical barriers.
    Airport Operations Area (AOA
  5. Access to___is controlled by guarded gates,card readers or approved escort procedures
    Airport Operations Area (AOA
  6. 3.01          The radio call sign designation when communicating with an Aircraft Rescue Vehicle.
    Aircraft Rescue (AR)
  7. ARFF Command at Bush Intercontinental,__and at __ Hobby
    AR 1 and AR 21
  8. 3.01          Pre-determined positions near the runway where ARFF equipment is positioned when an aircraft emergency has been declared.
    ARFF Standby Positions
  9. 3.01          A fire department level II staging area. An area where key department personnel and fire department personnel report during a major emergency.
    Alert Response Point (ARP
  10. 3.01          A central location for airport dispatchers, paging, and information personnel.
    Communication Center (Racom
  11. A grade system for activatingand deploying appropriate airport support personnel in response to specificemergencies involving an aircraft and/or airport property
  12. A.______:Bomb threat against aircraft on the ground, baggage on aircraft or baggage to be loaded onboard an aircraft.
    Condition 1-A
  13. _____:  Bomb threat to a structure or anything other than an aircraft
    condition 1-B
  14. Hijacking on an aircraft or in a terminal.
  15. FAA facility that maintains safety on the airfield through radio communication with aircraft and vehicles.
    Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT
  16. 3.01          A department of the City that operates and maintains the airports under Federal, State, and City laws and regulations. Also known as Houston Airport Systems (HAS).
    Department of Aviation
  17. 3.01          A branch of the Department of Transportation, which regulates airports, civil aircraft, and the use of air space.
    Federal Aviation Administration(FAA
  18. HFD Incident Commander has declared the situation to be under control. This term states that the fire is out, the aircraft is stabilized, and all patients are receiving necessary treatment by Medical
    Fire Safe
  19. When declared “Fire Safe”the incident is turned over to______
    Airport Operations and downgraded to a lower status
  20. Business that rents warehouse space and/or hangar space from HAS. An FBO can also fuel and maintain aircraft
    Fixed Base Operator (FBO
  21. a backup system for communication with aircraft and ground vehicles if the radio stops working
    Light Signals
  22. If an apparatus loses radio contact with the Control Tower, the driver of the apparatus will turn the apparatus toward the tower and________
    flash its headlights until the Control Tower
  23. acknowledges with the light gun:If the light is it steady green means
    OK to cross the runway or taxiway
  24. acknowledges with the light gun
    If the light flashes steady Red
  25. acknowledges with the light gun,
    If the light flashes flashing red
    Move off the runway or taxi-way immediately
  26. acknowledges with the light gun, if the light flashes, flashing white
    Go back to where you started
  27. acknowledges with the light gun, if the light flashes, Alternating red and green
    Use extreme caution
  28. 3.20          An independent, federal accident investigation agency, responsible for investigating, determining probable cause, and reporting of all civil aircraft accidents within the United States.
    National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
  29. Phrases used by Pilots, Controllers, and Ground Vehicle Operators ______.
    1. Affirmative
    3.Hold Short
    • What it means:
    • Yes
    • stay where you are
    • Stop at the hold line at the intersection of the taxiway and the runway. Do not proceed onto the runway.
    • Right Now No, permission not granted, or that is not correct. I have received all of your last transmission.
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