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  1. abhor
    to hate, detest
  2. appease
    to calm, satisfy
  3. brusque
    short, abrupt, dismissive
  4. chide
    to voice disapproval
  5. coherent
    logically consistent, intelligible
  6. cumulative
    increasing, building upon itself
  7. demure
    quiet, modest, reserved
  8. elated
  9. enmity
    ill will, hatred, hostility
  10. feral
    wild, savage
  11. furtive
  12. hypocrisy
    pretending to believe what one does not
  13. impudent
    casually rude, insolent
  14. incisive
    clear, sharp, direct
  15. infamy
    notoriety, extreme ill repute
  16. insular
    separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off
  17. knell
    the solemn sound of a bell, often indicating a death
  18. maxim
    a common saying expressing a principle of conduct
  19. myriad
    consisting of a very great number
  20. nuance
    a slight variation in meaning, tone, expression
  21. panacea
    a remedy for all ills or difficulties
  22. plethora
    an abundance, excess
  23. refurbish
    to restore, clean up
  24. serendipity
    luck, finding good things without looking for them
  25. taciturn
    not inclined to talk
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