Reverse Q codes

  1. Your frequency is ... kc.
  2. Does my frequency vary?//Your frequency varies.
  3. How is the tone of my transmission?//The tone of your transmission is ...
  4. Are you receiving me badly? Are my signals weak?//I cannot receive you. Your signals are too weak.
  5. What is the legibility of my signals (1 to 5)?//The legibility of your signals is ... (1 to 5).
  6. Are you busy?//I am busy (or busy with....). Please do not interfere.
    QRL *
  7. Are you being interfered with?//I am being interfered with.
    QRM *
  8. Are you troubled by static?//I am troubled by static.
    QRN *
  9. Must I increase power?//Increase power.
    QRO *
  10. Must I decrease power?//Decrease power.
    QRP *
  11. Must I send faster?//Send faster ... (words per min.).
    QRQ *
  12. Must I send more slowly?//Transmit more slowly ... (w.p.m.).
    QRS *
  13. Must I stop transmission?//Stop transmission.
    QRT *
  14. Have you anything for me?//I have nothing for you.
    QRU *
  15. Are you ready?//I am ready.
    QRV *
  16. Must I advise ... that you are calling him on ... kc?//Please advise ... that I am calling him on ... kc.
  17. When will you call again?//I will call you again at ... hours (on ... kc.).
    QRX *
  18. By whom am I being called?//You are being called by ...
    QRZ *
  19. What is the strength of my signals (1 to 5)?//The strength of your signals is ... (1 to 5).
  20. Does the strength of my signals vary?//The strength of your signals varies.
    QSB *
  21. Is my keying correct? Are my signals distinct?//Your keying is incorrect; your signals are bad.
  22. Must I transmit ... telegrams (or one telegram) at a time?//Transmit ... telegrams (or one telegram) at a time.
  23. Shall I continue the transmission of all my traffic?//I can hear you between my signals. Continue: I shall interrupt you if necessary.
    QSK *
  24. Can you acknowledge receipt?//I am acknowledging receipt.
    QSL *
  25. Shall I repeat the last telegram I sent you?//Repeat the last telegram you sent me.
  26. Can you communicate with ... directly (or through...)?//I can communicate with ... direct (or through...).
    QSO *
  27. Will you relay to ...?//I will relay to ... free of charge.
  28. Shall I change to ... kilocycles without changing the type of wave?//Change to ... kc. without changing type of wave.
    QSY *
  29. What is your position (location)?//My position (location) is ....
    QTH *
  30. What is the exact time?//The exact time is ....
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